Manual vs Automated QA Testing: A Read for the Layman

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manual vs automated qa testing

Whether you are a software developer, a business, or just someone interested in testing methods; knowing the difference between manual and automated testing is important. Most businesses use both testing methods, but automated testing has some obvious advantages that help every software developer.

What is manual testing?

Manual testing is executed manually by the analyst. They will check the features, the test cases, generate case reports all on their own. The main purpose is to find bugs in the system or in the software that is being developed.

It can be very time-consuming. It can also become boring, which makes it very prone to human errors. Some problems may also not be noticed and cause more problems as the software continues into the development process.

Automated testing can take away some of these burdens, especially those options offered by TestProject. Automated testing can be affordable and save your business money.

When is manual testing useful?

Manual testing is still needed in certain software, such as ones where there are many variable inputs and outcomes. Manual testing may also be necessary for random testing.

Manual testing also does not require that the analyst have Selenium Automation testing knowledge. This takes away the need to train someone or find a new employee.

However, automated testing has more advantages. Also, more and more software developers are learning how to code and moving into the automated testing field.

Why is automated testing better?

There are several ways that automated testing can make your software more reliable and accurate.

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Uses codes and scripts

Since the variables and inputs are not being put in each time by an analyst, they are more likely to be consistent. Outcomes will also be more reliable since there is no room for human error.

Automated testing is faster

Significantly faster than manual testing, automated testing can increase workflow. On the other hand, manual testing is time-consuming. It also takes up more resources and more time from employees.

Automated testing is more affordable

With a quicker and more efficient process, automated testing can save you money both in terms of human resources and in IT. The software tools used for automated testing are affordable and easily within reach.

As automated testing has become more mainstream and popular within most companies, it is not expensive like it used to be. This means you can begin accessing and practicing with automation tools today.

Can be recorded

The software automation tool will record outputs, system failures, and other details. This allows you to know immediately what is working and what isn’t.

The records and test results are also fast and accurate. This can increase work productivity.

Increased testing coverage

With manual testing, each part of the test and software has to be manually inspected. This can take too much time and allows for some areas to be forgotten.

With automated testing, all units are checked regularly. This means bugs and other problems are fixed quicker and more efficiently.

The software will be done quicker

Some tasks are hard to perform manually and require additional time or more testing phases. For this reason, manually tested software takes a while to develop. It also can’t be recorded so tests cannot be reused. This means you start from scratch every time.

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Automated testing can do all the tasks quicker and fix problems on the fly. In terms of time to develop, the automated testing tools can help get your software up and running in a smaller time frame.

You also won’t have to worry about the fatigue that comes with manual testing.

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