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How To Make Your Laptop Produce Less HEAT While Playing Games


While playing games, the Laptop becomes so hot that you have to close it down and it is really annoying as you have to leave your game mid-way because it is getting too uncomfortable to keep the action going.

When you are in the middle of a critical stage of the game the laptop shuts itself down due to overheating and you cannot help but frown. Most of us are familiar with the situation and trying to find a way out of this so that we can enjoy playing the games without burning up the laptop.

While playing games on laptop we must remind ourselves after few hours to give the laptop some rest. I know it is tough to leave the game in the middle but to reduce Laptop heat that is the best option. Rather than burning down the laptop it is always better to rest the laptop even if you don’t feel like doing it.

You can also try out some other options in order to cool down your heated laptop –

Changing active cooling options

Before starting off with your games just make sure that the power settings has been optimized. If you have enabled the highest cooling option then it might save your day. To enable the option of maximum cooling you have to open up power options and there you will find cooling method. As per the model of laptop either you have to select active cooling or the other option can be maximum performance but remember it is totally different from the option maximum battery life. So, while selecting the option make sure that you are selecting the correct option.

Exterior cooling fans

Though this seems the best option but the only problem with exterior cooling fans is that it needs it own power supply and can be a bit noisy. While playing games you can use the exterior cooling platforms to reduce laptop heat and that will enable to enjoy your game without any interruption.

Exterior cooling platforms increases the load of your laptop bag when you are carrying it but if you are using it only when you are playing games then this will be the best way to continue your successful run through all stages without bothering about your laptop getting all heated up.

Clean and clear laptop vents

While playing games try putting it on a desk or small table instead of putting it on your lap because most of the laptops have vents in the bottom. The free flow of air gets obstructed with the cloth when you place it on bed or couch or even on your lap. Without knowing you are choking its airflow because you are blocking the vents and fans of the laptop. Even avid putting on stickers and paints on the vents and also clean up the vents every now and then to keep the vents clear of any obstruction.

So, the next time you are playing any game, just remember the tips to reduce laptop heat so that you can enjoy the game without any break.

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