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7 Major Applications Of IoT You Need To Be Aware Of In 2021


The Internet Of Things has become a buzzword in the industry. It is a term that is being used to define the connectivity of all smart devices via internet connection. IoT believes in the concept of – if everything can be connected, it will be connected.

Global finance experts believe that IoT can add a value of more than 10 trillion to the global GDP. From everyday use to the use of IoT on the enterprise level, the IoT industry is expanding rapidly.

This article will discuss some of the major applications of the IoT in our lives and how it influences the way we live today.

Real-World Application Of IoT

Because of its nature, the application of the IoT of multiple devices is flexible enough to be adjusted with almost any technology and provides relevant information about its operation.

Nowadays, many industries are adopting IoT technology to improve and enhance their productivity. At the same time, users are integrating IoT technology in their life to make it more comfortable.

If you have a business and want to venture into IoT As A service, here is the Best IoT platform from SPTel. That being said, let’s hop on the real-world application of the IoT that you need to be aware of.

1. Wearables

One of the best real-world examples of IoT applications is wearable devices. For example, the smart health watch you wear while taking a jog, the virtual glasses you use to see information, or the GPS tracking belt that helps you locate the exact location are all IoT devices.

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2. Smart Homes

With Benefits of IOT creating a buzz in the market, Smart homes are the most searched word on the internet. With the IoT integrated house, the traditional houses have evolved into smart houses. For instance, you can operate your ac with voice command, open the door with a single touch on your mobile phone, or change the TV channel from your smartphone; the things which were once a dream are now possible.

3. Smart Cities

A smart city is another powerful application of IoT devices. The concept of Smart cities comes with several electronic devices working together as one entity. For instance:

  • Smart surveillance.
  • Smarter energy management.
  • Water distribution.
  • Urban security.

4. Connected Cars

Automotive technology has focussed itself on creating more personalized cars for the customers. This is why they have optimized the interiors of the car to revamp the customer’s experience. Today, you can connect your car with your smartphone and control the car function with a simple touch on the screen.

5. IoT Agriculture

Today the farms have become smarter than your smart homes. In the early days, people hardly checked the quality of these before planting any crops. This resulted in uncertain production of the crops. However, today, IoT technologies are used to check the quality of the soil before planting anything. This allows the farmers to access valuable information about the solid and yield the best crops.

6. Smart Retail

The potential of IoT devices in the retail industry is enormous. It holds the potential to connect the customers with the stores and give them an enhanced in-store experience from the comfort of their homes. Furthermore, the business can track the consumer path through the store and improve the store layout to improve customer experiences with IoT technology.

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7. Energy Engagement

Currently, the power grid is not as effective as it needs to be. However, experts believe that with the integration of IoT technology, this problem can be solved easily. With the help of IoT technology, smart grids will be able to track the sources of the power outages and will be able to distribute power evenly.

Final Thoughts

The future of IoT is more fascinating than other technologies. This is because the internet of things will influence all the other technologies. With time, the IoT industry will grow and offer more macro things into our life and work.

We hope that you have fun reading this article. Although we have enumerated only a selected few applications in this article, there are many other promising applications that will change the way you perceive IoT.

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