Main Characteristics Of CNC Machining

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main characteristics of cnc machining

CNC machining is a term that is frequently used in the process of manufacturing or similar industrial applications. CNC is short for Computer Numerical Control, a technique that’s utilized in the subtractive production processes.

It usually uses machine tools together with computerized controls to extract layers of material, and that results in a creation of a custom-made part. More precisely, the process is perfect for a broad range of materials, and that includes plastics, metals foam, glass foam, wood, etc.

Since the CNC metal cutting machines operate in an extremely automated environment, they are always used in processes where great precision and accuracy are the highest priorities. Nowadays, lots of products are created with Computer Numerical Control machining, because of its astounding adaptability and output.

In this article, we will guide you through some of the major features of the remarkable process called CNC machining.

The Complexity Of The CNC Machining Processing Is Far Greater Than The Common Mechanical Processing

To begin with, CNC machining processes must always take into consideration the operation of processing parts, the placement of the part, and clamping techniques. In addition, they need to choose the right tool, define the process directions, parameters, and cutting techniques, which are simplified in the conventional method.

The modification of numerical control processing technology is a feature of the CNC machining process, and it’s vastly different from the traditional processing methods.

Outstanding Precision And Excellent Quality

CNC machining tools execute their operations in accordance with pre-given CAM instructions that totally eliminate the errors caused by human interference. Various measurements are regularly taken to ensure the maximum accuracy and rigidity of the fabricated part.

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The machining precision of the CNC machine is around ± 0.005mm and that might have even increased recently. Furthermore, with every advancement in technology, CNC tools are able to achieve higher precision than before. The production consistency of the CNC machining parts is also enhanced, and that ensures a higher qualification rate and firm processing quality.

It’s Crucial To Perform Tests Prior To Starting With The Production Process

To be more clear, the execution environment of CNC machining is fully automated. For that reason, one must always pay appropriate attention to safety and quality.

That is to say, the machining operations related to CNC have to meet all the production and operational standards in a trial testing. The trial testing that must be performed before the beginning of the production process actually saves you from potential failure.

Advanced Efficiency And Productivity

The range of the axle speed and the rate of feed of CNC machines is greater than the one of traditional machines, so every CNC process can select the optimum cutting amount.

On top of that, the firm structure of the CNC machine enables it to perform strong cutting of extended cutting operations, which increases the cutting effectiveness. There’s nearly no need to readjust and double-check the machine tool once the processed parts change.

The CNC machine realizes the continuous processing of multiple parts. Plus, with the rapid moving, automatic tool change and reducing clamping time, the production time is decreased significantly.

Suitable For Producing Complex Parts

It’s challenging for standard manufacturing equipment to understand the motion of a curve or curved surface whose trajectory is more than three axes, like for example curved surfaces of propeller blades.

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The CNC machines are able to move along any trajectories and process uneven surfaces of any shape or form. That enables the processing of complex and odd-shaped pieces.

Economical And Cost-Efficient

Although the CNC machine and its tools are not cheap at all, the CNC machining processes save time for adjusting, processing, and examining, which minimizes the cost directly.

The consistent quality and machining precision of CNC machining tools also reduce the scrap amount, which saves the costs even further. Apart from that, a single machine can achieve numerous purposes which preserve the workshop area and justify the building investment.

The Transitivity Of CNC Machining Process Is Superb

After the test cutting process has been adjusted and verified, the transitivity of the CNC machinery may be deployed to save crucial time and guarantee quality as well.

Besides, the process can be utilized as a model for the subsequent processing of other similar pieces. Consequently, with the transitive characteristics of CNC machinery, numerous manufacturing processes throughout the industry can be streamlined.

Final Words

The above given main characteristics of CNC machinery are of a highly advanced nature. That also explains why CNC machining is so sophisticated compared to traditional methods of fabricating parts.  So, as you can see from these characteristics, CNC machining delivers the highest precision and efficiency in modern manufacturing.

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