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Mail Merge in MS Office Word 2007 & 2010 – Complete Tutorial


The MS Office has made the office work really very simple. With the help of new MS Word 2007 and 2010, people can easily cover up all of their office work without any bulk effort.

The mail merge is the simple and prominent example of this type. It involves sending the multiple letters, mails, documents and much more to the different recipients with respective fields like name, address and date on the same data for all. This makes it possible to create a large number of such letters within a few minutes. Here is the complete tutorial that will teach you the mail merge in MS Word 2007 and 2010 in just 6 simple steps.

Step 1

The first step of the mail merge is very simple. Just open the MS Word and create a blank document as you would have done several times before. Click on the ‘Mailings’ tab, present in the toolbar of the MS Word 2007 and 2010, this will open the submenu. Choose the option to open the Mail Merge Wizard.


Step 2

The MS Word 2007 and 2010 have very sleek and portable user interface for the accessibility. Hence, the wizard will open in the side column of the window in the docked format. The first step of the wizard will provide the option for creating the type of the document. The options include, letter, mail, Envelope, labels and so on. Just click any one of these options as per the demand of the document. Of course, you must be looking for the next button. But, in this version, you will be getting Hyperlink to the next step of the wizard. Clicking on the link, at the bottom, will take you to the next step.

Step 3

The step 3 will ask for the next document type. In other words, you will get the options for creating the new document or continue with the existing one. Also, there is an option to pick up the template which has been saved before. The new document will save the previous one, if any, and will open the new blank document for Mail Merge. Once you have done with the step, just click on the link to the next step given on at the bottom of the docked Mail Merge wizard.


Step 4

This step is important as it asks for the list of the recipients for the mail. There is the option to get the entries from the saved database, or to create the new list. User can choose the preferred option as suitable. Also, there is an option to pick up the database form the excel sheet. In case, you choose to create the new entries, you will see another small window that will take up the new eateries for the recipients.

Step 5

This is another very important step as it will give you the space to write the letter that will be same in all the documents. Just enclose the field name in “<<” and “>>” to indicate the insertion of the data.

Step 6


This is the last step which involves just clicking on the link to complete the merge. Also, there is another link below, the next step link to go back to the previous step to edit your fields.

Slicking on the last step will start the merging of the letter with the required fields. This will finish the letter and will create multiple copies of the same text but with different fields like name, address and others.

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