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It’s About Time You Learn Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing


Are you still stuck with flyers and pamphlets, expensive radio commercials and magazine mentions?

Hey, it’s 2019! It’s about time you welcome change into your company’s marketing department. If you’re still doing things “traditionally,” you’re missing out on a lot of modern opportunities that could further improve your company’s performance. Sure, traditional ways have been tested and proven through time. But that’s exactly it. Traditional marketing methods have been used for such a long time that they’re already becoming obsolete. Hanging on to them, hoping that they’d work in the long run, is naïve thinking. They’ve had their time and unfortunately, they’ve reached the peak of their use. (Read this article for more information:

Now is the time for change. We have many mediums now that were non-existent two decades ago. If it isn’t obvious enough, then yes – I’m talking about the internet.

Businesses made it big just by utilizing paper advertisements before, right? They were able to build a brand using traditional marketing methods. Then why shouldn’t I do the same? Wouldn’t it work the same way? If this was still year 2000, then yes it will work. But let’s not forget the very obvious fact that it’s not. We’re nearing 20 years of rapid technological advancement, 20 years of nonstop developments. Things are definitely not what they were before. Times have changed; people have changed. And the only way your company can survive in this modern era is if you embrace these changes yourself.

So, how about it? Are you ready to revolutionize the way you market your business?

If your answer is YES, then allow us to introduce you to two of the most important marketing concepts we have at this time: Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

What Is Digital Marketing?

What Is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that refers to all marketing methodologies and techniques applied in the online or “digital” setting.

We are now living in the digital age where most people rely on modern technology like computers and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to enhance their quality of life. Researching, shopping, studying, socializing, and many other tasks we commonly engage in are simplified through the aid of online programs and systems. For research, we have search engines to help us find the information we need. For shopping, we have online stores and shops that offer door-to-door delivery – even international shipments too! For studying, we already have online schools, tutorial programs, trainings, and certifications available for enrolment, anytime. For socializing, SMWs or Social Media Websites allow us to meet new people and establish close relationships from people all over the globe. Certainly, the digital age offers people convenience and support like no other.

Digital media has embedded itself in modern society and we don’t see this “connection” dissipating anytime soon. In fact, many businesses see this connection as an opportunity and have already looked into ways to make digital media work to their advantage.

If you plan on making it big, you should think like these businesses and grab opportunities as they come. Digital marketing is THAT big opportunity. Are you just going to miss it?

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, on the other hand, is a specific marketing methodology that deals with ranking search engines. You could say that it lies under the radar of digital marketing – one of the most important ones, at that.

SEO is a combination of techniques and tactics administered by SEO experts that all aim towards the same objective which is to top Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs. Ranking is very important for a company that largely deals business online. This is because ranking as one of the ten websites featured on the first page results drastically increase the odds of getting conversions and organic sales. It also significantly improves website traffic, driving in ten – no, a hundred times more people into your online domain.

Now, these perks sound like music to your ears right? But be warned, ranking a search engine – especially Google – is no easy feat. In fact, it’s the exact opposite! This makes start-ups lose heart easily; calling it quits before they even get anywhere with SEO.

You see, Search Engine Optimization is a marketing strategy that needs to be nurtured with time and effort. You need to feed hard work into it before it bears any fruit. It is natural to go through a rough start but you should have the patience to commit and stay if you want to see any results. You can encourage yourself to stick to the process by establishing objectives. You should never lose sight of the end goal. SEO may be slow to pick-up but when it does pick-up, it will be very rewarding.

So, what are your thoughts?

Are you ready for this big change? Utilize digital marketing and search engine optimization this 2019 and see how much they can impact your marketing efforts. The world is heading in only one direction – and it’s forward. No turning back. It’s okay to keep using traditional methods but we encourage you to explore uncharted waters and maybe use traditional and digital marketing together. It’ll definitely change the game for your business.

This 2019 think bigger and better. Don’t let your business become some background noise.

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