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Latest Tech News On The OS Giant Apple


In the past year, Apple has taken numerous steps to make its service more captivating to its audience, give them an opportunity to enjoy games on in the previous years. One of the biggest things that have happened from the OS company is the launch of Apple News+.

Apple News is to iOS users what Google News is to Android users. The mobile application is developed as a news aggregator that allows users access to a range of articles that are from various publishers and news sites such as The New York Times. These provisions cover a diverse range of topics to meet the entertainment needs of different users. Apple News was launched in 2015 alongside iOS 9, and it has since been available as a replacement for the newsstand application. The app functions with iPhones, iPads, and iPods Touch. In recent years, it has moved to avail is services on macOS as well.

Apple News’ effectiveness in keeping users up to date is done by sourcing feed from several syndication feeds. Publishers can also choose to display their content on the application. Apple clients can also add information from Safari, which serves as the web browser for devices running on the operating system. When the Apple News app was first released, it did tell which information was sourced directly from the app and what came from external platforms. When iOS 10 came out, the app was improved and carried a web analytics solution that allowed the platform to separate the two.

Apple News+

In March of 2019, Apple came out with Apple News+ as a subscription-based platform. The service was built on the digital media app Texture that also functioned on a subscription basis and was purchased by Apple the previous year. Users can access the usual articles and news pieces found on the original app, but they can choose to dive deeper into the world of magazines and newspapers with this new platform. Unlike the previous version that allows access to content for free, Apple News+ demands a fee, and it is accessed within the existing news application. This service is included to serve as a virtual newsstand for prints that have achieved moderate to worldwide success.

Apple News+ runs on the newer generation iOS gadgets that use 12.2 or later models. On MacBook, the service is available on macOS Mojave 10.14.4 or newer ones. Apple News+ has yet to become a global service with its functions being availed only in the UK, the United States, Canada, and Australia. Even so, the company does plan to expand the service to many more countries in the coming year of 2020.

What to Expect

Apple News serves as a source of a wealth of information on its own, and Apple News+ is just a stronger foot to stand on. Users can expect access to more than three hundred leading newspapers and magazines. Unlike the Apple News platform where anything can make its way onto the platform, Apple News+ displays spreads that are handpicked by a team of editors that specialise in assessing the needs of the public and meeting them adequately. The articles found on the service can be from years ago to new releases, as long as they spark enough interest to be highly demanded. Users can sift through Apple News+ according to their needs easily thanks to the placement of newspapers and magazines in different categories, including:

  • Style and Beauty – Elle, Essence, GQ, Vogue
  • Business and Politics – The New Yorker, TIME, The Atlantic
  • Entertainment – Billboard, People, Entertainment Weekly
  • Travel – Conte Nast Traveler, Outside
  • Food – Food and Wine, Bon Appetit


The new Apple News+ platform is pushing some newspapers and magazines to format their presentation style to suit the platform. The Wall Street Journal, one of the leading publications on the service, has already reconfigured its appearance with a more casual approach that suits readers better. Even with other magazines, users are given a vast display of the articles that are available so that one can skip directly to the one they are interested in. iOS users can choose to view the app in an interactive mode that covers the entire screen.

Subscription Pricing

Apple News+ can only be accessed with the payment of a monthly subscription. The required amount varies depending on one country of residence. In the United States, which is Apple’s home country, one is expected to pay $9.99 while in the northern neighbour of Canada, a fee of $12.99 applies. United Kingdom users pay £9.99 and those in Australia part with $14.99. New members are given the luxury of a three-month free trial period that has to be used up at once. Cancelling the subscription before the trial is complete makes it irredeemable.

Apple News+ comes in handy to access hundreds of newspapers and magazines from the palm of one’s hand. The service includes a download option where users can save reads that they like to sift through later on, even when they are offline.

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