The Latest Surveillance Tech Trends In Business Security

Issac Glantz
By Issac Glantz 3 Min Read
latest surveillance tech trends in business security

Video surveillance is on the rise in the United States with a total of 70 million security cameras installed by businesses across the country. The increasing availability of cutting-edge technology that strengthens security at an affordable price is a key reason for this growth. In particular, IP cameras, AI technology, and thermal imaging are now helping business owners better protect their employees and businesses.

IP cameras

CCTV cameras (also known as analog) have been traditionally used as an effective method of video surveillance. However, CCTV cameras are now being replaced by IP (internet protocol) cameras, which are an advanced technology. An IP camera is equipped with better features and capabilities than CCTV. In particular, they have a higher field of resolution and wider field of view. Fewer IP cameras are therefore needed to view a certain area, which lowers the cost of ownership. Additionally, IP cameras have a unique digital zoom feature compatible with both live and recorded video footage. They can provide clearer image detail, which allows for an easier and more accurate investigation when viewing the footage.

AI technology

The necessary task of reviewing security footage from multiple security cameras is often too time consuming, particularly for bigger businesses. As such, security breaches can sometimes go unnoticed. AI technology promises to solve this problem by identifying potential security breaches before they manifest and hurt the business. For example, AI security systems can work with business security cameras and surveillance technology to better learn about security risks. They can learn to recognize individuals and even suspicious behaviors. If an unauthorized person accesses an off-limits area, the AI technology sounds an alarm. Security staff can then act as needed to protect the business.

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Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging is an exciting advancement in surveillance technology; it essentially detects the heat profile of any specific object with a temperature above zero. By using heat zone imaging technology, thermal imaging employs cameras with the ability to “see” in dim conditions (including, nighttime, fog, rain, snow, and smog). Since most break-ins and security breaches occur during the night, thermal imaging technology can greatly improve a business’s surveillance protocol — especially in terms of fire detection and perimeter defense.

Modern video surveillance technology trends promise better security and peace of mind for business owners across the country. IP cameras, AI, and thermal imaging are just some of the latest innovative tools available to strengthen the security of their premises.

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