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5 Tips To Keep Your Blog Visitors Coming Back For More


Ok, fine, you were successful in driving traffic to your new blog, so what next? Or is it all one needs to be an A-list blogger? Ofcourse, drawing visitors to your blog is half the job done. You need to keep your blog visitors engaged. It is because, without retaining old visitors, a blog can not grow.

It’s good if your blog is getting a healthy traffic from referrals, campaigns, social media promotion or through search engines. But among these, direct traffic also forms a major chunk. So who wants to miss out their old loyal and regular blog readers?

Why to Keep Your Blog Visitors Wanting for MORE?

There are a number of reasons why you should entertain your visitors and smartly force them to visit your blog again and again. Below I have summarized the need to keep your blog visitors glued:

1. Retaining blog visitors improves traffic

I have already mentioned briefly above, how direct traffic contributes a major portion of overall traffic to a blog. And if you want to be convinced even further, then I suggest you to log in to your Google Analytics account. Check the ratio of old visits to new visits. If the value is less than one, then it’s high time to retain your blog readers.

2. Keeping blog readers reduces bounce rate

Your blog visitors are not gate-crashers. They know exactly what to expect from you and your blog. They visit your site, only because they found something meaningful or resourceful during their earlier visits. So they are in look out for some unique stuff that you have to offer. This helps reduce bounce rate drastically as they navigate to your blog with full consent. Bounce rate is a crucial factor from SEO point of view. So you too should try to keep your blog visitors.

3. Keep blog readers to increase Alexa ranking

Although this point could have been mentioned in the point above, yet I chose to include it separately, because of its significance. Retaining your blog visitors improves your Alexa Rank, which in turn has many disguised benefits. It includes greater website credibility, more number of interested advertisers, guest bloggers and blog commenter.

4. A sense of trust develops in old blog readers

Through your continued interaction either directly or indirectly, a sense of trust develops in your reader’s. So does it help you? Ofcourse, it helps a lot. And you should focus on it because they are the ones who would link back to your posts, if they feel it is relevant enough. It’s part of branding. The general perception is to link to websites with which the readers are comfortable enough. And when more of your readers link to your website, its page rank will increase automatically.

5. Makes life easy and simple for blog owners

Keep your blog readers coming back so that you have a good night’s sleep. Whether your blog deals with offering quality content or providing any form of service, you should make efforts to retain your old visitors. That way, you don’t have to convince them each and every time. Keeping blog visitors glued to the blog/ website also reduces the need to spare time for drawing traffic by guest blogging and blog commenting. Instead you can focus more on writing good blog content.

If drawing traffic to a new blog is an art then, retaining old blog readers needs talent. Follow the above sure short ways to keep your blog visitors coming back again and again. Incase I missed a point or two, then do mention what’s your tactics for retaining blog readers.

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