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Is It A Good Idea To Outsource Your Sales?


Every business is always looking to increase sales and effectively promote their product. For a business to achieve these goals, they need to have a team of professional sales managers on-hand to get the job done. However, it’s not necessarily so easy when qualified employees cost big bucks and the business budget is limited. Fortunately, today’s companies can take advantage of sales outsourcing which allows businesses to “rent” a professional sales department, thus significantly reducing the costs of training, workplace, salaries, and other expenses.

What does it mean to outsource sales?

Today, there are three main types of sales outsourcing. In one form or another, they’re offered by all outsourcing suppliers.

#1 Outsourcing of the initial sales stage

An outsourcing company takes on tasks like making cold calls and searching for new customers. So this initial stage of contacting potential clients is delegated to a third-party.

#2 Outsourcing of sales in a particular market segment.

Outsourcing can help boost sales in a specific area. For example, if you previously have engaged in sales only in your country, entering the international market can be a daunting and very expensive task. In order to accelerate this process and save money, sales in certain territories can be outsourced to a company that is aware of the current regional situation and is able to deal with your product or service. Most often you will have to transfer the sales entirely, from the stage of customer search to dispatch.

#3 Outsourcing of selected products sales.

If a company produces and sells a wide range of products, it makes sense to transfer selected product lines to a third party. It’s best to outsource sales of commodities that do not have specific characteristics and are in demand at all times. Thus, you can save the staff from “small” orders without the fear of losing customers interested in more expensive and specific products.

Benefits of Sales Outsourcing

  • You don’t need to maintain an excessive sales department, which will help your business reduce the costs of renting an office, internet, telecom services, and other expenses.
  • When entering a new market, outsourcing helps to eliminate unnecessary workload on your sales managers and save money on their training.
  • Outsourcing companies value their reputation and are intrinsically goal-oriented. They usually accept payments by the result, so when you hire an outsource sales manager they are usually very motivated and keen to achieve a sales goal in a short time.
  • Normally, experienced outsourcing companies have their own bases of potential customers, which means that their sales efforts won’t be a shot in the dark. Outsourcers are able to reach the target audience and significantly increase the sales conversion rate.
  • Outsourcing companies can boast well-trained and experienced sales managers who really know their onions. They are aware of how to convince a client and properly react to a refusal. These professionals know how to turn “no” into “yes”.

Sales outsourcing is an opportunity to increase the efficiency of a company and at the same time direct financial and human resources to develop business and achieve key goals. Outsourcing sales can be a lifesaver for startups and businesses entering new unexplored markets or rolling out new products.

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