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Is Your Blog Ready to Apply for Google Adsense Account?


For new bloggers, applying for a Google Adsense account has always been tricky. It is understandable that everyone wants to monetize their blog or website.

But in a hurry and mostly tempted by the benefits of Adsense program, they make mistakes. So before you apply for Google Adsense account, you need to do few things to avoid rejection.

What to do Before You Apply for Google AdSense Account

Ofcourse, even after being rejected, you can always apply for a new Google Adsense account. But why waste time? It’s better to cross check all the requirements for an Adsense application. Here I will be discussing about all the requirements you need to fulfill before applying for a Google Adsense account.

1. A Google Adsense Account

Yes, you already have a Google account in the form of Gmail, YouTube, Picasa, Orkut or any other Google product. But to apply for Google Adsense account, you need to have a Google account and sign up. If you don’t have one, follow this link.

2. A Top Level Domain

With many newbie online publishers interested in Adsense, Google has now restricted sub-domains like,, and others. It only considers top level domains. So before you apply for Google Adsense account, think of a unique domain name to purchase.

3. Registrant’s Age

To apply for Google Adsense account, interested bloggers need to fulfill the age criteria too. You need to above 18 years to get your Adsense account approved.

They also check for other personal details. So never try to fool them with any trick. It’s because there are chances of getting banned completely, when caught.

4. Domain’s Age

Again to keep a check on the number of requests it gets each month, Google has decided to impose a age bar on domains as well. For Asian countries the age of the domain for which Adsense is being applied must be atleast 6 months.

Ofcourse, exceptions do exist. If your content is worthy, then they may approve your Adsense account earlier.

5. Quality Content

Google always tries to weed out duplicate and low quality content from its search results. So even if your blog or website fulfills all conditions, they check for the quality of the content.

Are readers benefited from your articles? Will they refer it to others? Will they come back for more? If the answers to any of these questions is no, then its time to write quality content before you apply for Google Adsense account.

It is another reason why you should spend time writing good copies for your readers. Not only this helps in improving your online presence and accountability, but it helps to add more loyal readers to your brand. Write long and graphics-rich contents like essays, find online blogs like Studyclerk and read them if you need help writing an essay that actually carries some quality. This is rewarding on long-term basis.

6. Number of Posts

Apart from contributing quality posts, you need to keep your blog updated on a regular basis. Less number of blog posts may force them to think twice before approving your content. So to stay on the safer side, it’s wise to apply for Google Adsense account after composing 60-70 posts. Length of posts also matter.

7. Important Pages

The whole Adsense program is a transparent process. They will let you earn revenue from your blog posts. Even after rejecting, Google will point out what’s the reason behind the rejection and how you can correct them.

So it too expects the same level of transparency from your side. Your blog must have the following pages:

  • About Us Page describing who you are and what the purpose of your blog is
  • Contact Us Page to allow readers to get in touch with you
  • Privacy Policy Page which describes the prescribed conduct of your readers

8. Website Design

The layout and navigation of your website is another important consideration for quicker Adsense approval. Make sure that each of your page and post is easily accessible from the home page. Do not forget to include a sitemap in your website and submit it in Google Webmaster.

9. Site Traffic

Before approving Adsense for your site, Google checks whether your site is getting the desired amount of traffic or not. So if you have a new blog or website, try to get more traffic before applying for Adsense account.

10. Other Things to Do

Note that before you apply for Google Adsense account, you should also verify that the following category of websites is not allowed for Adsense program, even after fulfilling all necessary requirements.

  • Non English Websites
  • Pornographic and Spam Websites

Overview of Adsense New Account Approval

Ok, even after following all the steps you failed to get your Adsense account approved? Then I must suggest following all the above stated steps once again in details.

Was your Google Adsense account banned? Please remember, getting your account rejected is different from being banned from the Adsense program.

If still you have no reasons why your Adsense account is rejected, then don’t worry there are other alternatives to Google Adsense too.

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