Is Tears Of The Kingdom A Prequel? Nope!

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Hey there, fellow adventurers! Have you heard about the latest buzz in the gaming world? It’s all about “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” – the newest star in the Zelda galaxy! 🌟

Now, I bet you’re wondering, “Where does this awesome game fit in the Zelda story? Is it the beginning of everything or another chapter?” Well, that’s the big question everyone’s talking about. Is “Tears of the Kingdom” a prequel, meaning it happens before all the other games?

👉 In this article, we’re diving deep into this mystery. I’m going to give you all the juicy details and theories about where this game stands in the grand Zelda timeline. So, grab your virtual swords and shields, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together! 🛡️⚔️

Is ‘Tears of the Kingdom’ a Prequel? Most Say Nope!

Let’s start with the latest Zelda game, “Breath of the Wild” – it was a total hit! Now, there’s a new game called “Tears of the Kingdom,” and guess what? The trailer dropped a huge hint: it’s a sequel to “Breath of the Wild.” That means it happens after the events of the previous game. So, in simple terms, “Tears of the Kingdom” isn’t a step back in time but a leap forward. But hey, why are Zelda fans scratching their heads over this? Let’s find out!

The Twisty, Turny Zelda Timeline

Way back in 1986, the first “Legend of Zelda” game rolled out, and guess who we met? Yep, Link! Nintendo, the masterminds behind Zelda, always wanted the timeline to be kind of like a puzzle – open for us to guess and piece together. It’s not super straightforward. But wait, there’s a guidebook called “Hyrule Historia” that finally spilled some beans on the order of the games!

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‘Hyrule Historia’: The Zelda Encyclopedia

In 2011, Nintendo said, “Let’s help our fans out,” and published “Hyrule Historia.” This book is like a treasure map of the entire Zelda story. It explained that there are several timelines happening at once in Zelda’s world. This means Link can be all young in one game and older in another, and it totally makes sense!

Where It All Began: The Early History Timeline

Alright, time travel alert! The Zelda story kicks off with the “Early History” timeline. “Skyward Sword” is the first chapter in this epic tale, set on a cool floating island named Skyloft. It’s like the prequel to the prequels! Then comes “The Minish Cap,” made by Capcom, which is unique because they’re not Nintendo. Next up is “Four Swords,” the first Zelda game where you could team up with friends. And then – drum roll – “Ocarina of Time” comes in, where Link and Princess Zelda first cross paths. This game is super important because it’s where the timeline goes wild and splits into three paths!

We’ve got the Child Timeline, the Adult Timeline, and the Fallen Hero Timeline. But wait, there’s more! The fourth path, the Calamity Timeline, is like a wild card. Some fans think it’s just a legend, while others believe it makes the other timelines just myths. This debate is like the ultimate boss battle in the world of Zelda theories!

The Child Timeline: A Trip Back in Time

In this cool twist, Princess Zelda uses the magical Ocarina of Time to send Link back to his own time. This is where “Majora’s Mask” jumps in. In this game, Link’s on a super important mission to stop the moon from crashing into his world – talk about a big job! Then we have “Twilight Princess,” where the hero is a descendant of the Link we know from “Ocarina of Time.” Finally, “Four Swords Adventures” wraps up this trio of adventures in the Child Timeline. It’s a rollercoaster of time-travel and heroic deeds!

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The Adult Timeline: Setting Sail for Adventure

Here’s where things get interesting: Link vanishes from Hyrule. “The Wind Waker” kicks off this timeline, set on Outset Island, a place totally different from other Zelda locations. It’s also the first Zelda game for the GameCube. Then we sail into “Phantom Hourglass,” continuing the theme with ships, pirates, and fairies. Fast forward a hundred years, and “Spirit Tracks” completes this trio. This time, Link teams up with Princess Zelda to reunite her soul with her body – a real ghostly adventure!

The Fallen Hero Timeline: A Twist in the Tale

This timeline is where things get really wild. It starts with “A Link to the Past,” and guess what? In this universe, Link can actually be defeated. He starts off answering a telepathic call for help from Princess Zelda. Then in “Link’s Awakening,” Link needs a rescue himself from a girl named Marin, who looks a lot like Zelda. Next, in “Oracle of Seasons” and “Oracle of Ages,” Link’s all about balancing seasons and time-traveling. Talk about a busy hero!

In “A Link Between Worlds,” Link shows off a cool trick: he can turn two-dimensional! He goes from being 3D to part of a painting. “Tri Force Heroes” brings in online multiplayer action, and then there’s the original “The Legend of Zelda,” where it all began, with Link saving Princess Zelda and collecting pieces of the Triforce. “The Adventure of Link” is the sequel, happening six years later, where he wakes Princess Zelda from a sleeping curse.

The Calamity Timeline: A New Kind of Chaos

And then we have the Calamity Timeline, totally unique from the others. It starts with “Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity,” where the bad guy, Calamity Ganon, can’t be beaten. Princess Zelda protects Link, who takes a 100-year nap to heal up. When he wakes up in “Breath of the Wild,” he’s got no memory and a huge mission to restore Hyrule.

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This is where “Tears of the Kingdom” comes in. It’s a sequel to “Breath of the Wild.” With Calamity Ganon defeated, Link faces a new enemy in the same world. It’s like the next chapter in a never-ending adventure!

So, What’s Up with All the Debate?

Before we knew much about “Tears of the Kingdom,” Zelda fans were buzzing with guesses and theories about what Nintendo would come up with next. Some sneak peeks of the new game hinted at time travel, and many fans thought, “Whoa, is Link going back in time?” This sparked a wildfire of rumors that the next game might be a prequel, a story that happens before everything else.

But then, the big reveal: the trailer for “Tears of the Kingdom” dropped, and boom – it’s confirmed to be a sequel, not a prequel. That means it’s continuing the story from where “Breath of the Wild” left off, not going back in time.

‘Tears of the Kingdom’: The Next Chapter

Even though Zelda fans love to chat and theorize about how all the timelines weave together, one thing’s clear: “Tears of the Kingdom” is the next step after “Breath of the Wild.” So, if you’re trying to play the Zelda games in the right order, now you know exactly where this one fits.

Hey, have you ever tried to line up all the Zelda games in a timeline? What was that like for you? Were there any surprises or cool discoveries? Share your experiences in the comments below – we’d love to hear about your Zelda adventures!

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