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Is the Paid Instagram Promotion Option Worth It?


Did you know that Instagram made over $24 billion in revenue in 2021? Without any doubt, Instagram is the go-to social media platform for companies and influencers to make money. But, hitting it big on Instagram isn’t always as easy as it seems unless you have Instagram promotions.

But is paid Instagram promotion worth the price? In today’s post, we’ll give you a breakdown of everything there is to know about Instagram promotions, so by the end of the post, you’ll know what to do.

Reach Your Target Audience

As you already know, over a billion people use Instagram, and with so many companies and influencers competing for likes and follows, it can feel almost impossible to reach your target customer. This is where Instagram Promotion comes into play since it’ll push your post over the rest, which will guarantee more followers. And as you gain more followers and likes on your post, your profile will be more visible to your target audience.

But, of course, you can go the easy route and buy followers on Instagram without needing to wait too much time.

Access Your Engagement Insight

Perhaps one of the best reasons you should get an Instagram Promotion is that you’ll be able to check any engagement your profile receives. You can access all of these features by going to the Instagram promotion insights tab. Here’s what you can see:

  • Profile visits
  • Discovery
  • Impressions
  • Engagement

But, of course, all of this data won’t be available for the first couple of days, so don’t feel disheartened if you don’t see any results.

Tailor Instagram Promotions

As you can imagine, managing promotions can be a real challenge, especially if you’re not tech-savvy. Fortunately, with Instagram Promotion, you can easily manage all of your ads in one place.

So, for example, if you want to change your target audience from local (users from your city) to a specific niche like landscape photography, you can do it by going to the Instagram promotion settings.

Flexible Payments

Unlike other social media platforms that sell their promoted posts at a set price, Instagram Promotion lets users choose the amount of money they want to pay for their promotions. So, for example, if you want to start slow, you can pay $5 and slowly increase the payment if you see results. On top of that, you can promote Instagram ads without signing a contract, which makes it a lot easier and faster.

Use Paid Instagram Promotion Today

As you have seen, using paid Instagram promotion will not only get you lots of new followers and likes, it’ll also be a cheap thing to do! But, of course, building an Instagram profile takes time, so don’t rush into it. And make sure you save this post, so you can refer to it when needed!

Did you find the information on this post helpful? If so, we invite you to check out our other Instagram-related posts before you go.

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