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Is It Worth Buying A Smartwatch for Kids?


There are plenty of gadgets around for kids, many of which are not only entertaining and fun but also educational. You probably find that your young children know their way around a computer better than you do! It’s not surprising, as those of us of certain generations were not taught about computers at school, or were perhaps only give education in the very basic elements of computing.

Kids these days take technology for granted: try telling one that you grew up not only without a mobile phone but with only a handful of television channels! So, what are the gadgets that you should be looking at buying for your kids?

There is no doubt that teaching kids to tell the time is one of the basic skills that are a necessity. Even at a very young age, knowing the time of day can help them understand how life works and what happens at different times of day, and can also be a grounding element for kids who need a little extra help. So, it may just be that a watch is a great purchase for a young child. But, why not take it a step further, and perhaps buy your kids a smartwatch? There are many reasons why this is a good idea, and they go far beyond simply telling the time.

Why a Smartwatch?

A smartwatch is not just a watch and nor – as many people believe – is it a gimmick. These clever little gadgets are used by adults for both business and leisure purposes, and they are very useful indeed. They can send and receive emails, for example, and also make calls using either a SIM card or by Bluetooth connection with your smartphone. But what use are they for kids?

In fact, a lot of smartphone manufacturers have realized the kids are a huge potential market for these devices, and for good reason. For example, a kids’ smartphone – as with an adult one – will usually feature a GPS locator. There are a range of brilliant smart watches for men too. This means that the parent can always find where the child is when wearing the watch at any time of night and day. The benefit of this is clear to see, and it’s one reason why parents are buying smartwatches designed for children in greater numbers.

A good one can also be fitted with a SIM card so that it can access the internet and make calls or send messages, without the need for a mobile phone, and they usually come complete with a special SOS support. This involves a single button which, when pressed, immediately sends a pre-defined text message to as many as three linked destinations, with location details included. Once again, the benefit of this is very clear, as if the child believes they are in danger – or perhaps become lost – pressing this button will tell relevant people in an instant, and also lead to where they are when the message is sent.

Parental Control

If you check the excellent reviews of kids’ smartphones at you will also find that they come with full parental control. This means you set what the child is permitted to do and when they are able to access their phone, even down to how many hours a day they are permitted to be on the internet, for example. You can also block contacts on some of them, and on the very best you have remote access to what your child is doing at any time with regard to using the watch. They are durable, usable and if you’re looking for added safety when your child is out and about, might be a very wise use of a few pounds.

It’s amazing what kids know about technology these days and yours will certainly appreciate wearing a smartwatch, as it’s a cool a very neat gadget to have and to show your friends. There is plenty of choices when it comes to getting the right one, and if you have a good look at those reviews you will certainly find one within your budget and provide the features you require. Have a look now, and give yourself the added peace of mind that you can find out where your child is at any time.

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