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Is It Safe to Buy Backlinks In 2021?


If you are an experienced SEO specialist, or if you are developing your own business now, you most likely know how essential it is to improve the domain rating. And one of the proven ways to get things done is to buy backlinks.

However, to ensure the links will do their job instead of causing a rank loss, they need to be real and of high quality. And this is where the questions emerge like what are the benefits of backlinks buying? Is it safe at all?

In this article, we will do our best to provide you with all the accurate information regarding the topic.

Buying Backlinks. What to Consider 

First of all, let’s remind ourselves what backlinks are. To be short, a backlink is a type of link that leads us from one website to another. If you, for instance, link to someone’s site, they will have a backlink from you and vise versa.

We can buy backlinks in many ways depending on what we are doing it for, or how we do it.

Generally, the major forms of backlinks buying are the following:

  • Guest posts
  • Product reviews
  • Sponsored posts
  • Buying a link if we want another website to mention us/our site
  • Niche edits

But no matter what the form is, the purpose is the same: to drive more traffic to the website.

And here comes the huge temptation, especially for those who just started developing their site, of going to a black hat SEO service or copywriter for building backlinks. However, we encourage you to avoid that scheme by all means, and here is why.

  1. Black hat SEO methods and strategies are highly risky and far from being ethical.
  2. Moreover, using such an approach will most likely have completely the opposite effect. What we mean is that instead of boosting your website’s rankings, they can after a while bring it down.

See, when you go for black SEO services, what they usually do is to link your site to a bunch of low-quality sites that can be spam or even inactive. They are simply cheating on the search engines, but it can’t last forever, and sooner or later, the truth will clear up, and your website rankings will radically decrease.

This approach is rather quick, that’s true, but it’s not worth risking.

Instead, it’s safer (even though more time-consuming) to buy backlinks from a white hat SEO. Like that, the rankings and links will only be based on trusted websites.

How to Buy Backlinks If You’re Not Yet Famous

This is the crucial question if you’re at the very beginning of your path of arranging the domain authority. How do I build those well-working backlinks if nobody knows me?

Don’t stress, there are several methods that can become handy!

Build public relationships

To link to your site, people need to know more about you, and that’s impossible without contacts on social media. Be sincere, intact, and honest when posting, and people will start interacting.

In addition, another benefit of being active is that you can start your own email list. The bigger it is – the more chances for backlinks. And once it’s big enough, you can host it with the use of one of the services, such as that offer a free trial period until you reach a certain number of subscribers.

Of course, it won’t boost up rankings immediately, but it will create a background for that.

Take content into consideration

Great content is the core of working with backlinks. If there’s nothing that people want to link to, then there will be no audience! To make your content competitive, analyze the field by using online services, such as or that searches for content ideas taking the keyword topics as a base.

Like that, you’ll have inspiration for creating catchy and compelling texts that have the potential to become better than the similar ones in your field.


With such visual support, it is simpler to perceive information. That is why readers love infographics so much, and they love sharing them!

Fortunately, there’s a great number of infographic services, such as that offer free templates for almost any purpose. Simply decide on what exactly you need and select the template, charts, and visuals to your taste.

Include external links

How could that be helpful, you might wonder? Well, this is all about a relationship again. If you let the content makers know you enjoyed their content so deeply that you shared it on your site, they will most likely do the same for you.

Leave comments

When you’re commenting on other articles and posts, it is one more way of gaining the relationship that is so necessary for building backlinks.

Perks Of Buying Backlinks

So why would we go for the link building services at all? Well, we can name several reasons that make companies and brands seek them.

It saves time

If you are aware of how the online market works, you definitely realize that for becoming successful and for developing, your presence on the internet matters a lot. In particular, it does matter how efficient it is.

And since it takes too much time to develop online from scratch, most of those who own businesses prefer buying backlinks just to speed the process up. Let’s agree, it is way more reasonable than waiting until everything happens naturally because in this way, you significantly boost your business development.

It allows you to focus on the more important tasks

Creating and developing a link building strategy is rather time-consuming stuff. If you draw all the forces to it specifically, you will cut down the time you could spend creating the content or working on your business social media.

It brings you the audience

The audience matters a lot when developing a brand online. And if you decide to purchase backlinks from a properly established website, it means you will receive a built-in audience as a bonus!

The more visitors will come to your site, the higher the chances that it will get higher ranks. The scheme is pretty simple, it only matters to place links on the right websites.

Multiple options for purchase

Nowadays, tons of ways exist to get high-quality links. Feel free to select an ideal option that will fit your budget, needs, the scale of the brand, and the audience.

So basically, buying backlinks is completely safe if you aim at the top lines of the Google search. Even despite the quickly developing and more demanding search engines, having proper backlinks can significantly push your site up.

The only thing one needs to keep in mind is that it is important to buy links from trustworthy and reliable providers such as service to ensure your site will stand out and reach potential customers. Also, choosing to buy backlinks from professional sources guarantees that they will meet the demands of the search algorithms that advance yearly.

Anyway, as an alternative, you can pay a blogger for content that will both promote your site and attract visitors.


So is it safe to buy backlinks in 2021? In general, yes, it is. Nevertheless, it’s still necessary to be reasonable and avoid any untrustworthy SEO services that claim they can sell you links that will increase your site rating instantly.

Better spend some time and effort creating great content, making connections with people, and buying qualitative backlinks from reliable sources.

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