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Where Is it Legal To Place Bets Online Or on Betting Apps?


Sports betting is now a hot topic in the US as it is becoming more widespread in the last two years. In May 2019, the Supreme Court of the United States has stricken the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) of 1992 down. This was when New Jersey has challenged it so they can finally regulate their local betting industry.

Since then, there are now a few states that have already signed sports betting into law. Some of the states where sports betting has already been launched after the Supreme Court’s decision are New Jersey, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Meanwhile, states like Illinois, Michigan, and Kentucky have already signed sports betting into law but haven’t launched it yet. It’s expected that these states will have live betting sometime this year. Other states like California are still just moving towards the legislation of betting that could happen in the next two years.

Only a few states remain unmoved with regard to legalizing this activity. These are the states of Utah, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Maine, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Florida. In these states, sports betting isn’t likely to be legal in the next few years.

Now, the legislation of sports betting in each state is quite different. There are some similarities, but it’s always best to check the jurisdiction within your locality regarding sports betting.

In Nevada, both onsite and online betting is allowed within the state. However, for online betting, a punter can only do this through casino game apps or websites that are connected to land-based bookies or casinos. This means that in-person registration is necessary before you can bet on sports online.

New Jersey was quick to launch sports betting. It only took the state three days after Governor Phil Murphy signed the bill into law. The giants in the sportsbook industry are now operating in this state. In total, it was nine sportsbooks and eight online and mobile apps like the William Hill App for Android.

Pennsylvania is one of those states that didn’t launch mobile betting right away. It rolled out onsite betting in November 2018 and it took them until May of 2019 to launch online betting. Currently, DraftKings, Valley forge, and Caesars Sportsbooks are what’s available in the state for online betting.

West Virginia has been accepting mobile bets since December of 2018. The first online betting app that launched in this state was BetLucky Sportsbook. However, it encountered a dispute with its tech partner Miomni and has been suspended since then. It was just in August of last year when online betting was made available again with FanDuel and DraftKings Sportsbooks.

In the state of New York, betting has been launched since July of last year. However, this can only take place in commercial casinos that are located upstate. Since then, New York has appeared to be struggling with betting revenues.

The lack of mobile wagering in the state is what appears to be stopping it from getting the revenue they are expecting. The state also sees this problem, but it might take a while before mobile betting will be available to New Yorkers because the state will have to rewrite its constitution.

For now, New Yorkers are still placing their bets outside the state and it is mainly in New Jersey where they are doing this. They seem to rather ride the train and hop off a station in New Jersey to place their bets rather than drive upstate and place their bets at a casino.

Bar and pub owners in New Jersey are now seeing more and more New Yorkers each weekend. These New Yorkers are with their mobile devices to place their bets. With the help of Geolocation technology, they can place their bets legally online or on apps as long as they are within the borders of New Jersey.

Now, Michigan and Illinois may encounter the same thing in terms of revenues. Both states are only set to launch onsite betting this year. They will be taking more time to establish ground rules for online betting.

Illinois is surely ahead of Michigan, but it’s still unclear as to when betting will be launched in the state. It just recently released Phase 2 of its sports betting regulations. Online betting is already legal but it will take up to 18 months before the giants of the industry can offer their services locally.  This is because Illinois wants to prioritize the growth of its existing local casinos prior to legalizing betting.

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