Is Hiring A Virtual Assistant A Smart Move For Your Business? 5 Reasons Why The Answer is “Yes”

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is hiring virtual assistant smart move for your business

Virtual assistants are making a lot of noise in today’s business environment. Entrepreneurs worldwide are finally discovering what it is like to have fewer things on their plate and more time to focus on more crucial business matters.

If you’re a business owner, you likely know what it is like to struggle to keep up with an overbooked agenda while also trying to check everything on your to-do list. Sounds very tiring, right? Well, thanks to virtual assistants, busy business owners like you no longer have to struggle to do everything on their own. Virtual assistants can handle all sorts of tasks that will significantly benefit business owners and their companies.

Keep reading below to find out more about what VAs really are and the reasons why it is a smart business move to hire one!

What is a virtual assistant?

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear of virtual assistants? Probably, you think of Alexa or Siri. Well, much like how Alexa or Siri help you with a number of tasks, so does a VA, only that the virtual assistants we’re talking about are not some AI-driven software. The virtual assistants we’re talking about are very talented professionals who can work for several businesses and help them get their things around so many complex tasks.

VAs are independent contractors who can perform various tasks for businesses and their owners. They handle simple tasks like calendar management or business travel planning, or they can handle more complex and tech-savvy tasks like web design, social media management, client relationship management, research, and many others.

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5 reasons why hiring a VA is a smart business move

Now you know what a virtual assistant is and what it does. But, you’re very likely wondering, “what can it do for me and my business?”. Well, in essence, all the tasks that a VA can perform will benefit your business and you greatly. Here’s how:

#1 A VA takes less critical tasks off your plate

Hiring a virtual assistant means that you won’t have to struggle to keep up with a jam-packed to-do list on your own. You’ll have a professional working alongside you and performing all sorts of less critical tasks that will give you more free time to focus on essential business moves and decisions.

For example, you’ll no longer have to handle your calendar or your business travel plans on your own. Booking meetings and rescheduling them takes a lot of time, and so does searching for and booking flights and accommodation. But, if you hire a VA, you won’t have to handle these time-consuming tasks, leaving you more time to manage clients, business strategies, and sales strategies.

#2 You get more time to focus on your personal life

Working with a VA will help you have more time to focus on essential business tasks, but it also gives you more free time to focus on your personal life.

Balancing professional life and personal life is a challenge for most entrepreneurs. Businesses run 24/7, and there’s always something that needs to be taken care of. This can affect your personal life and your overall well-being. But, working with a VA would give you some time off from all these tasks that appear out of nowhere.

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For example, if you need to reply to an urgent email to send some documents, you won’t have to leave a vital dinner to do that. You can ask your virtual assistant to handle it for you. Or, if you need a day off from the office, a VA would keep you informed on what is happening and manage less critical tasks while you are gone so that you can get some free time for yourself and your loved ones.

Plus, did we mention that a VA can also run personal errands for you if you’re too busy? For example, they can make restaurant reservations or send gifts to your loved ones if you don’t have the time to handle that.

#3 A VA helps with business development

Business development is a crucial task because it literally dictates your company’s success. However, finding ways to develop your business and researching them takes a lot of leg work and time. When you don’t have the resources to handle them yourself, you can hire a virtual PA service to give you some help.

A virtual personal assistant can do all the research job for you and gather the data you need to make informed business decisions. For example, they can look for leads on LinkedIn for you to attract new clients. Or, they can research information related to developing a new product/ service. Bottom line, a VA would support you with finding opportunities to develop your business.

#4 Hiring a VA is a flexible alternative to working with a professional

Another strong reason why hiring a VA is a smart business move is that it offers a flexible alternative instead of hiring a full-time, in-house employee. Depending on your business needs, you can decide whether you want a full-time or a part-time collaboration with your VA. Plus, your business also saves a lot of money because VAs are independent contractors, meaning that you won’t have to worry about paying sick leave, medical insurance, or other employee benefits.

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#5 VAs have a diverse skillset

As mentioned above, virtual assistants can handle all sorts of tasks for your business. That’s because, compared to traditional personal assistants, VAs have a more diverse and tech-savvy skill set. They might not bring you your coffee in the morning, but they will manage your social media, customer relationships and even write quality content for your business. These are all more essential tasks that genuinely contribute to your business’s growth and success.

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