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GoHighLevel Review: Is It the Best CRM For Businesses?


If you’re a business owner, you might be asking yourself: What is GoHighLevel? Well, the main reason you might be curious about this app is that it allows you to check in with your clients and maintain a good relationship with them. GoHighLevel can actually do that and a whole lot more. Get to know everything about Go HighLevel and how you can integrate it with your business.

What is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is a high-quality CRM platform that is easy to use and highly customizable. You can connect your custom domain to your site and manage your client relationships and projects with ease. A CRM system allows you to track calls and manage your business.

Go HighLevel has advanced features like automated email and SMS marketing systems. If you’re a business owner, this is a must-have for your online marketing efforts. In addition, you can also manage your business with a customized dashboard. You can use the software to manage your clients’ reviews and keep track of your business’s sales.

How Do We Use GoHighLevel For Our Marketing Agency?

With GoHighLevel, you can design your email marketing campaigns and send automated SMS to customers. The email builder has five different templates you can choose from. The email builder is user-friendly, and you can easily customize the template with a visual editor. You can also customize your footer by coding it. You can also see the number of visitors who clicked on your ads. The tracking dashboard is a great way to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

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Apart from that, you can manage your client relationships and projects with the CRM. You can also track calls and sales in the CRM. You can sell online courses and membership programs, as well as create effective SMS and email marketing campaigns.

The reporting dashboard is divided into five sub-dashboards. The Google Ads section shows metrics about your Google ads like clicks and impressions. It also tells you how much it costs per conversion. It’s easy to use and makes the whole process simple for you. You can also customize the footer by coding it yourself.

GoHighlevel also features a booking and appointment tool for busy professionals. These tools let prospects book consultations with you. If your business is based on a website, you can embed the calendar into your funnel. Afterwards, your website will automatically reflect the bookings. You can also view and manage your calendars on the go. The scheduling dashboard makes it easier to manage your schedule. You will be able to manage your calendar using these tools.

Check out how a digital marketing agency like Black Swan Media gained clients, including nationally-recognized brands with their Go Highlevel Review.

What Does HighLevel integrate with?

If you own a digital marketing agency, choosing the right CRM is a must. The tracking and analytics dashboard is one of the most important features of GoHighLevel. It measures the performance of your marketing campaign and gives you detailed reports.

GoHighLevel can be seamlessly integrated with the following:

  • Google account so that you can synchronize calendars
  • Google My Business and Google Analytics to view reports within the HighLevel Dashboard
  • Facebook Lead Ads to import leads directly into your account without relying on other software like Zapier
  • Facebook Business Page to allow 2-way facebook messenger communication from within HighLevel
  • Facebook Ad Account to view reports
  • Stripe to allow payments to be easily taken
  • Twilio for 2-way texting, voicemail drops, call recording, outbound calls, inbound call routing
  • Mailgun so you can send and receive emails (other SMTP services are easy to set up as well)
  • And then to take it to the next level:
  • You can use webhooks to send data to external platforms
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Also, every agency account has an API and every sub-account has its own API. The API allows connectivity via services such as Zapier to hundreds of other platforms. On top of this, the API also allows you to code custom integrations for your business.

GoHighLevel Vs. ClickFunnels

The major difference between GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels is the way the software is integrated with other tools. With ClickFunnels, you can use third-party marketing software to integrate with your website. In contrast, with GoHighLevel, you’ll have to set up separate lists for each channel. In addition, you’ll be able to add SMS marketing to your list. Alternatively, you can integrate it with a full CRM.

Among the features of the GoHighLevel system are call tracking and marketing automation. You can import a Clickfunnels funnel into the platform and use the same data. Once your listing has been approved, you can start generating new sales. If you’re already using the services of the platform, you’ll be able to get more referrals. You can also integrate your Google My Service listing with this system. Then voila, you’re ready to start implementing the strategy!

GoHighLevel Affiliate Program

You can earn from GoHighLevel through an affiliate program. You can earn 5% of each sale and 40% of every recurring payment for the lifetime of the product. This is a great way to earn passive income online by just sharing GoHighLevel.

Where to Get GoHighLevel Support and Training

In terms of customer support, this software is exceptional. The company encourages user feedback as well. The Facebook support group and the founder are both very active. The platform also has an official Facebook support group where users can submit ideas and suggestions for new features.

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You can expect responsiveness and a quick learning curve, and you will be able to focus on your business instead of worrying about your marketing strategy. For some tips on how you can get started, you can visit the Go Highlevel Review done by an agency owner.

GoHighLevel: Is It Worth It? 

If you are a digital product creator or any type of business owner, GoHighlevel might be the one you’re looking for. It simplifies the technology, reduces costs, and gives you more control. There may be a high learning curve, but it is easy to use once you get used to it.

The best part, you can easily integrate it into your business website and customize it for your specific needs. Once you’ve got your site up and running, you can start building your marketing campaigns with ease.

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