Is Cryptocurrency the Future of Online Gaming?

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is cryptocurrency future of online gaming

Over recent years, cryptocurrency has become a global phenomenon. In fact, various industries are benefiting from the convenience that cryptocurrency offers, and online gaming is one of them. In a recent study, around 75% of online game players want to exchange their virtual assets for a currency that they could either buy or sell on other platforms.

In online gambling, cryptocurrencies enable players to collect and trade virtual assets so that they can exchange and trade across anywhere in the world. That is why crypt offers a safe and easy method to make money in the gaming industry.

What is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a virtual asset that is secured by cryptography, and it leverages blockchain technology to ensure decentralization, transparency, and immutability. The most popular blockchain-based cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Other competing cryptocurrencies include Peercoin, Namecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, EO, and Cardano.

Cryptocurrency and Online Gambling

Players can buy or sell cryptocurrencies via exchanges from wallets. In online gambling, monetisation strategies that are adopted as in the form of in-app purchases, in-app advertising, affiliate, or referral marketing.

For example, in-app purchases allow players to buy something directly in the game such as coins, custom characters and extra lives. Players can buy items using crypto while also allowing fast casino withdrawal visible in various online casinos such as the fast payout casinos at

Affiliate marketing is new to the market, and this allows players to click on affiliate links and banners to refer a friend, earn their own rewards, or sign up for a free offer.

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Nowadays, there are a number of crypto casinos that have adopted payments in cryptocurrencies. Here are some of the numerous benefits of allows cryptocurrencies in online casinos.

Instant transactions

Cryptocurrency eliminates bureaucracy and removes inefficient intermediaries from the process. This allows players to enjoy their favourite games quickly and efficiently. It also makes the process of exchanging crypto units instant. Developers sometimes find difficulty selling their software outside app stores. Blockchain allows these developers to process nano-payments to receive payment instantly.

Can play anywhere

Using cryptocurrency will allow players to play internationally without any security or exchange rate issues. Gamers can also play without having to confirm their identity or email. Players can also pay and withdraw funds faster from anywhere in the world with no restrictions.

Safety and security

Blockchain technology prevents illegal trading of digital assets. It also terminates the hacking and stealing of keys and eliminates the duplication of keys. Players can have peace of mind that they are making safe and secure payments.

You get more for your money

Cryptocurrencies are more cost-effective than bank transfers or credit cards. When using bitcoin, you do not have any hidden fees and you do not have to wait for your money to move. When using crypto for online gaming, you are eliminating the handling of fees and exchange fees since it is a peer-to-peer transaction with no middlemen involved. Players will get more for their money while developers are boosting their profits.

Hidden identity

If you do not want to share your personal information, then Bitcoin games are definitely for you. Cryptocurrency purchases are discrete unless a player shares his information voluntarily. There is an anonymous cryptocurrency address that is generated for user purchases and this changes with each and every transaction, keeping you safe at all times.

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The benefits of using cryptocurrencies for gamers and developers is apparent. For players, crypto will improve their gaming experiences while keeping their information safe, while for developers, there will surely be an increase in profits.

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