Is Comcast Xfinity Better Than Verizon Fios?

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is comcast xfinity better than verizon fios

The biggest names in internet connectivity today are Comcast Xfinity and Verizon Fios. If both are available in your area, it may be valuable to know which provides better internet service. The quick answer to this question depends on you and your needs. If you’re installing a home office or just generally a techie with high gigabit requirements, Comcast Xfinity may fall short of your expectations. However, if you’re thinking about how your family can’t live without TV, Comcast Xfinity may be the better option.

Comcast Xfinity already has the upper hand in accessibility, available in 40 states, while Verizon Fios is only available in 9. But where does Fios beat Xfinity?

Better Technology from Verizon Fios

Technically, Verizon Fios is a superior service. Its fiber-optic technology makes gigabit speeds and unlimited data possible. Upload times are just as fast as download speeds, which is impossible with Comcast’s cable connections.

Not all homes value upload speeds, though, and cable internet speeds are usually good enough for the average family. Still, Verizon Fios doesn’t have that lag during peak hours, and when you’re on a video call with your boss or sending large files to a client, you will appreciate the absence of that late afternoon lag.

Competitive pricing for both services

Pricing is quite competitive between both providers’ internet deals and bundles. Verizon Fios plans started much more expensive than Comcast Xfinity but have been matching their plans accordingly.

Both offer a $39.99/month plan as its lowest scheme, for 200 Mbps for Verizon Fios and 100 Mbps for Comcast Xfinity. Verizon Fios also offers more speed for their $59.99 plan with 400 Mbps over Comcast Xfinity’s 300 Mbps but stops at the $79.99 plan with 940 Mbps, which falls below Comcast Xfinity’s same plan for 1000 Mbps. Unfortunately, Fios only has these three plans, while Xfinity offers more choices, including a Fiber plan for 2000 Mbps at $299.95, best for small businesses that rely on heavy internet connection.

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Pricing for the Internet Bundles has also become quite competitive. It used to be that Comcast Xfinity’s bundles were known as budget bundles, but Verizon matched these packages again, as well as offering faster download speeds (around 940 Mbps compared to Xfinity’s 150) for packages within comparable prices. They also provide more channels per package.

Fios does not bind its customers to annual contracts, while Xfinity requires contracts for specific plans.

Both companies will charge you for installation, although many have opted to install the Xfinity modem themselves successfully. Meanwhile, installing Fios in your home takes longer and is more complicated than XFinity’s simple jacking the cable into a modem setup. They will, however, waive the installation fee for online applications.

Both also charge for modem or router rental, although Xfinity is okay with you using a different modem and even has a list of modems they recommend. Meanwhile, Fios would dissuade you from using another router. Their Wifi 6 router, which boasts broader coverage and next-gen technology that’s up to 60% faster than the old router, costs $15 per month to rent, or you can purchase one for $299.99.

Xfinity’s Good TV

Although Fios has more channels, the selections of available channels and shows on-demand are major gripes in Fios TV bundle reviews. But then, TV is something that Comcast has specialized in for quite a while, so it’s not surprising that they’re better at Fios in this aspect, especially with their X1 platform that has seen the integration to streaming and smart TV.

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Xfinity X1 DVR lets you record up to 6 shows simultaneously and store 60 hours of content for an additional fee of around $9-19 per month (may vary per area). This may not be as exciting as Fios’ higher level DVR storage capacity, which lets you store 100 to 200 hours in HD, recording up to 12 shows at a time, but it’s much less expensive with Fios’ monthly fee of up to $30. Fios’ lesser-priced Basic DVR is not as exciting either, with 50 hours of storage, allowing the recording of only two shows at a time.

Is Comcast Xfinity better than Verizon Fios? 

Except for Xfinity’s 2000 Mbps plan, Fios is the faster and more powerful option. But the cable giant’s overall TV experience still makes Comcast Xfinity rather compelling. Its wide availability also works in its favor, considering that in an area where Fios is not available, Xfinity already has the faster and more reliable speeds than close competitors.

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