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IOTransfer 3 iPhone/ iPad Manager Review


What is IOTransfer 3?

In this review we are going to look into IOTransfer 3 and everything it has to offer. To begin with, IOTransfer 3 is both an iPhone transfer software and an online video downloader. However, this app offers a lot more than simple transfer and download features. Before we get in-depth on everything the application has to offer, let’s cover the basics!

IOTransfer 3 supports iOS 8 and higher version, while it is currently compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. What started out as a basic transfer software has turned into an extremely convenient application with the addition of extra features such as video and audio conversion, file transfer and management as well.

If you are looking for ways to keep your phone organized and get rid of unnecessary files that take up all your storage space, IOTransfer 3 is the perfect file management solution for you. The users of this application can effectively manage the files and data located on their phones, as well as easily transfer that data across a variety of other devices.

Basically, IOTransfer 3 is the kind of software that places useful features at your fingertips, allowing you to manage, download, and transfer files at any time and any place. To better understand what this Manager/Video Downloader offers to its users, we are going to go deeper into each and every one of its features. We promise you if you stick around to the end of this article, you’re going to want this application on your phone!

Here is What IOTransfer 3 Has to Offer!

In a broader sense, IOTransfer 3 offers its users a variety of features, including the ability to transfer photos, music, videos and other relevant data such as contacts across different devices. All these functions can be done easily with a single click. The whole point of IOTransfer 3 is to simplify these seemingly frustrating tasks.

What makes the app so useful and convenient is that you can get any of these processes done in only a few clicks. The app’s interface is so clear and simple that each user can rely on its own intuition to figure it out, even if they don’t have any tech experience.

As an iPhone transfer software, IOTransfer 3 allows you to effortlessly transfer files between your iPhone or iPad and the computer through the photo management feature. Using this feature, you can back up your photos on a PC without having to use iTunes or other applications. Backing up your photos is a smart thing to do on a regular basis, considering how easily your precious memories could get lost in case of damage on the device. You can use the app’s photo manager to retain and share your photos at any time you want and you can even delete them in bulk to save storage space, which is a much easier and faster way of getting rid of unwanted files.

Furthermore, IOTransfer 3 acts as a music manager as well, allowing you to transfer music and audio files between your PC and devices such as iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Besides transferring the files, the app will give you access to all your favorite songs at any time you need them. IOTransfer 3 also offers a simple drag and drop feature for video management, which you can use to transfer video files to and from your PC. The app also allows you to share your video content across your other Apple devices with different display sizes and enjoy your videos in different formats.

One of our favorite features when it comes to IOTransfer 3 is the fact that you can easily back up your phone contacts. This needs to be done on a regular basis to reduce the risk of losing data due to theft, device damage or other reasons. Transferring your contacts to your PC will surely keep them safe. Besides, you already know what a struggle it is to copy each contact one by one into a newly-purchased device. Using this handy tool, you can get all your contacts transferred into your new phone with a single click!

Besides, IOTransfer 3 is extremely convenient for data backup. You no longer have to spend hours sending your files to a computer and struggling with cable connections. IOTransfer 3 offers AirTrans, that is, a wireless transfer system that allows you to snd files through WiFi, without needing any cables whatsoever.

As an online video downloader, the app allows you to save any video to your iPhone and access it offline. This convenient feature truly does come in handy if you’re traveling or going to places that have no WiFi networks. You can easily look up your favorite videos on any video platform such as Youtube and have it saved directly onto your phone for later use. Furthermore, IOTransfer 3 also serves as a video converter, meaning you can use it to convert videos into other formats such as MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, and MP3.


As you can tell by now, IOTransfer 3 offers an abundance of useful features, from file management to online video downloads and format conversions. If there is anything worse than turning your phone into a real mess packed with tons of unnecessary files, it is losing your precious photos and data to unwanted circumstances. Luckily, IOTransfer 3 is a software that can help you with both of these issues. It is way too easy to use and it allows you to back up your photos, music, videos, and other types of data by quickly transferring it to a computer. Installing this application will help you manage your files more effectively.

Besides, you will no longer have the need to complain over low storage space, as you can use the app to transfer the files and free up your phone’s memory. On top of that, the app will help you clean up the phone by scanning it and removing unnecessary files that create a messy clutter. Overall, IOTransfer 3 is extremely useful, which is why we highly recommend it to any iPhone user out there!

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