Interior Home Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Home Clean

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interior home maintenance tips to keep your home clean

When you are a homeowner, the redecorating and maintenance tasks do not just stop after moving into your home. Over time, aspects of the home may need to be repaired and replenished. Stay tuned as we discuss some interior home maintenance tips that can be carried out at any time.

Interlink fire alarm system

In light of the recent regulations put in place by the Scottish Government, interlinked fire alarm systems are a must-have within your property from the 1st of February 2022. This new system consists of an alarm within the main room of your property alongside an alarm on each circulation area including landings and hallways.

Alongside these alarms, you must have a heat alarm within your kitchen area, and a carbon monoxide detector in any room that features a carbon fuelled appliance, sure as a fire or boiler. Your household’s health and safety should be at the top of your priority list when it comes to home maintenance, after all, maintaining all alarm systems will provide less risk to your family and your property.

These devices are mains-powered; therefore, it is crucial to contact a professional to install the alarm system within the most appropriate ceilings within your property. Click here for fire alarm installation services.

Spring clean

Cleaning your home at the beginning of spring should be a yearly ritual. Although some homeowners tend to have a large clear-out during January, this is not always truly fulfilled as the month falls directly after the Christmas season and you may have a natural build-up of extra belongings.

Partaking in the spring clean also means that the weather shouldn’t be too bad, which is especially important if you reside in the UK, meaning that exterior home maintenance can be carried out efficiently too! Clean the exterior of your home by focusing extra attention on landscaping upgrades, planting new plants and flowers, and just generally performing an in-depth clean-up across the garden.

When the attention is diverted towards the inside of your home, remove excess clutter within cupboards and wardrobes by disposing of, or donating any unwanted belongings, deep clean the full home, including the bathroom and kitchen, and wipe down the interior and exterior windows. Be sure to play some music while you spring clean, it will make the process a whole lot easier!

Refresh walls with paint

Painting your walls can be a fun DIY task, however, it can be a lengthy process. This is why it is important to ensure that before carrying out this task, you have a few days, or a weekend free to dedicate your time towards the task at hand.

Otherwise, you will end up with a half-complete paint job that may be left unfinished in the long run. It is vital to spruce up rooms that begin to look outdated or run down and the perfect solution to this is likely to be a fresh coat of paint.

You can even change the whole dynamic of the room by switching up the colour for a fresh change. Black soot and discolouring are likely to appear on the walls over time, so you may benefit from wiping the walls down with a cleaning solution and a sponge before reapplying with new paint for a better finish.

This home maintenance tip is particularly important if you plan on putting your home on the market, as it has been proven to increase value!

Regrout tiles

Regrouting tiles within your bathroom or kitchen area will easily renovate the space. Not only will the room look much brighter and newer after a regrout, but it will also prevent further issues from arising due to cracked and failing grout.

If the grout isn’t replenished, water damage can easily occur over time by water seeping behind the tile. However, it is important to remove old grout before beginning the regrouting process, as you simply cannot regrout over old grout!

As long as you can remove the majority of the old grout then the new mixture has something to successfully bond to. Before you know it, your room space is looking brand new, and all that is left to do is spruce up your new bathroom area with some new décor and towels!

Refresh your flooring

Once you have tackled your wall space by refreshing it with a new coat of paint, it is time to focus on floor maintenance. No matter what style or material of flooring you have featured within your home, it is likely to endure some wear and tear over time.

Make sure that wooden, tile, or laminate flooring is cleaned regularly by vacuuming and steam cleaning the area. For carpet flooring, this process may be slightly more complex.

There is only so much dirt and grime your vacuum can pick up from the depths of your carpet, therefore it may be necessary to hire a professional carpet cleaner for a deeper clean. This process will not only leave your carpet looking as good as new but, should also prolong its life expectancy, while getting rid of excess bacteria and creating a healthier environment.

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