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4 Interesting Gadgets For Tech-Savvy Lawyers


If you want to know the true value of time, ask a lawyer! Studying cases, doing research work, preparing presentations, taking down notes, attending calls, communicating with clients – juggling all these tasks together can be a tough job. However, all this is slowly becoming a thing of the past. An increasing number of law professionals these days are now embracing modern technology in order to get their work done efficiently – and in time.

Here are four such amazing gadgets that make the world a better place to live in for lawyers.

• Wireless DisplayTechnology (WiDi)

Developed by Intel, WiDi, a wireless display technology gadget, operates on the same standards as WiFi technology. It is a brilliant gadget that allows your laptop to connect wirelessly to your high definition television. This way, you can experience all your videos, images, movies, music on your HD big screen with up to 1080p resolution. You no longer need to strain your eyes by crowding around your tiny laptop screen, and nor do you need to go through the hassle of connecting cables in order to share your computer content on the television. Wireless display technology comes in particularly handy for lawyers, when it comes to sharing important documents, presentations, images, and videos during meetings or conferences.

• Livescribe Echo Smartpen

An extraordinary gadget that every lawyer must definitely have is the Livescribe Echo Smartpen. This amazing pen can record literally everything that you hear, write or say. Keeping track of or noting down every single detail of a case can be an impossible task. That is when this super pen comes into action. It can record and link conversations nearby and connect them to any notes or documents that you write. It has a microphone that can capture your meetings and conferences in a crisp and clear sound. Moreover, it has a micro-USB connector for charging, which also allows you to transfer notes and audio clipping on to your laptop or computer. You can also share your notes and audio clips on web apps such as Evernote, Google Docs and certain social networking portals.

• Apple iPad

The latest trendy obsession for tech-savvy professional has got to the smart phone, but as far as lawyers are concerned, an iPad or a tablet would still have an edge over a smartphone, and there are reasons why. A tablet can be used as a multipurpose and versatile computing machine helping lawyers present their cases more effectively than ever before. No longer carting huge files and boxes of paper to the courtroom – a lawyer could literally just walk into a courtroom with the entire case saved onto a sleek tablet. All the research work, case details, exhibits, presentations, documents, notes – all these could go onto the iPad. Morever, with its huge screen, a tablet would also come in extremely handy to take down quick notes or even have an instant access to hundreds of interesting law apps.

• Pocket Projector

When it comes to must-have electronic devices for lawyers, a pocket projector is another simple yet efficient device that can come in extremely handy to law practitioners. Essentially, a pocket projector is a portable innovative device that will allow you to give a presentation on any flat surface. Literally at a size that can fit into your pocket, a pocket projector can be a convenient way to share images, or documents with colleagues, or to run a quick presentation during meetings or conferences.

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