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How to Install WordPress Manually On Local Computer – 6 Easy Steps


I had always wanted to run a WordPress blog. Afterall it’s the best and easiest CMS you could ever find. As a beginner, I had few problems when I tried to install WordPress manually. Ofcourse, there were hosting companies who provided single click WordPress installation on servers.

But what if you too want to install WordPress manually on local computer?

So in an aim to make manual WordPress installation simpler, I have decided to write this blog post on how to install WordPress manually. Follow this easy step by step tutorial on manual WordPress installation.

Benefits of Installing WordPress Manually

Ok fine. Before we proceed to your first manual WordPress installation, let us relate the need to install WordPress manually. Is it necessary to prefer installing WordPress manually rather than opting for an easier alternative to install WordPress using Fantastico?

Yes, there are many benefits of installing WordPress all on your own. It gives you more control over your WordPress site.

  • Install WordPress on local computers instead of servers.
  • Manual installation is always a cleaner and customized installation.
  • Incase of any error, rollback is easier.
  • Best for testing new plugins, themes and upgrades.

Manual WordPress Installation Requirements

Here is a list of things which you need to have inorder to install WordPress manually on a localhost.

  • A Local Server
  • A Database
  • A Programming Language
  • Fresh Copy of WordPress

Instead of installing individual copies of a local server, database and programming language, download any one of the following web development package as per the operating system of your local computer.

How to Install WordPress Manually on Local Host

1. Download WAMP/ XAMPP / MAMP / LAMP

For generalization, I have considered XAMPP. Incase you are uncomfortable with your package then you too can opt for XAMPP and follow the steps. Works fine with all operating systems.

2. Install XAMPP on Your Local Computer

I downloaded the Zip file and extracted it in my C drive of my Windows computer. If you downloaded the XAMPP installer, you don’t have to extract it. Simply run the .exe file.

After extracting, open the XAMPP folder. Look for xampp-control in the contents of the folder. Double click it and start all services.

3. Create a Database before Installing WordPress

After successfully installing XAMPP, open your browser and type localhost/phpmyadmin in the address bar.

In the PhpMyAdmin page create a new database. I named it “mokshis”

4. Download WordPress from Official website

Goto and download the latest version of WordPress. Always download from the official site for cleaner manual WordPress installation.

Extract the zip file in the root folder of the local host. The root folder has different name for different web development packages. I extracted it in the htdocs folder.

  • For XAMPP – htdocs
  • For WAMP – www
  • For MAMP – htdocs

Extract WordPress and rename the folder. I renamed it as “mysite”.

5. Update wp-config-sample.php File

Open the WordPress folder (or mysite folder) and rename the wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php

Also update database details that you entered while creating database in step 3.
Update db_name, password, user and host.

6. Complete the WordPress Installation Process

Next open your browser again and enter localhost/your_site_name/wp-admin.
I entered localhost/mysite/wp-admin in the address bar. Complete the steps to install WordPress manually on your computer.

Did You Face Any Difficulty?

I don’t think you would have faced any problem during manual WordPress installation, but incase you have and are unable to install it properly then do let me know over here. I would try my best to provide more specific guidance for installing WordPress manually.

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