Instagram Verification Is Not So Difficult With These Amazing Instagram Hacks!

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instagram verification is not so difficult with these amazing instagram hacks

Thinking about how to get verified on Instagram? Well, this is the right place for you!

Nowadays, getting Instagram verification has become one of the essential parts of gaining popularity. Having the blue tick beside your username on Instagram provides the ultimate validation one seeks on the social media platforms.

The article focuses on how you can get the ultimate approval tick on your profile, and why is it so crucial to get one! Let’s look at these amazing hacks to get verified on Instagram.

What is Instagram Verification?

Not only Instagram, but most social media platforms have the feature of getting a verified sign beside your name. However, the processes to get the verified symbol isn’t the same for all.

Furthermore, Instagram is one of the topmost social media platforms and it holds the most significance when it comes to getting verified online. Hence, most users go crazy over having the blue tick beside the usernames on Instagram.

Not only regular users, but many marketing companies also look for a way to get the Instagram badge of validation, as it makes the brand more credible among the audience.

Now, you might think as to why most people are so driven towards getting the verification badge on Instagram. To answer your question, Instagram is one of the most widespread social media channels present nowadays. It is not only popular among the teenage community, but also has become quite a hit among different brands and other influencers.

Well, who doesn’t want to become famous, right? Hence, becoming an Instagram verified account is the easiest way to gain more followers and likes on your profile. The blue tick feature is mostly created to show if an account is legitimate or not, and hence, regular users fail to get verified on Instagram.

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Now, you might think of the symbol as a validation mark, but ultimately it is not. To get a blue tick on Instagram, one has to be a/an:

  • Authentic Social Worker
  • Popular Celebrity
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Organization/Brand

Once you gain the verification badge, you would inevitably experience many advantages, such as:

• Your Instagram profile would reach out to millions
• You would get more likes and comments on your social media posts
• Your posts would get reposted/shared by many
• Your profile would get clicked by a lot of users
• The increase of traffic to your account would lead to more marketing, and hence, you might end up getting more clients or projects.

Although it has become quite challenging to get verified on Instagram, the benefits attached to it make up for the hard work. In a way, getting the blue tick would inevitably make you stand out in the crowd.

3 Steps to Get Verified on Instagram

According to the policy of Instagram, a socially known figure who is referred to as a celebrity is eligible for the verification badge. Getting the blue tick makes people sure of the legitimate account of the person.

Hence, to be verified on Instagram, you need to be in a position where you are popular among the crowd and not any regular user. In this way, you would get the verification symbol from Instagram. Here’s a list of three ways following which you can get verified on Instagram:

1. Create a Social Presence

To get the verified badge on Instagram, it is essential to create an image on social media platforms. Most people believe that gaining more followers would lead to the gaining of the blue tick. However, it is not necessary to have millions of followers to earn the verified badge.

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The most crucial part of becoming a verified account on Instagram is to work for your social growth. Multiple agencies guide users to make their profiles widespread among the audience. To create a social media presence, you can quickly look for a legitimate ig agency to guide you towards more social growth and success.

To grow your social networking and presence, you need to work on creating content that would get noticed by the audience. Furthermore, it is not necessary to become an influencer only on Instagram to gain more followers.

Many content creators on YouTube have been gaining steady followers on Instagram as well. Your focus must be on creating the social image, and after that, you would have the freedom to choose your platform. Creating content on any social media platform would ultimately lead to the gaining of more followers on every social media profile you own.

2. Be Active & Post Regularly

If you wish to gain immense popularity and ultimately own the blue tick, you need to work towards becoming more active and posting regularly on Instagram. Make your profile authentic; make sure to post frequently, and never forget to create exciting content.

Nowadays, with multiple features like IGTV videos or Reels, one can easily create funny or meaningful videos and post them on Instagram. Posting them regularly would ultimately result in more views on your account.

Therefore, don’t keep your profile inactive or dull as it might show your disinterest towards having a social presence. Even if you fail to gain more followers at first, be persistent and try to make your posts as lively as possible.

Here are some ways to make your profile look fantastic on Instagram:

  • Keep your posts different from others, and try to influence others through your pictures or videos.
  • Work more to know about your target audience and research what interests them.
  • Approach other influencers and create content by collaborating with them.
  • Interact with your followers by posting fun stories on Instagram. Also, don’t forget to check your DMs from time to time.
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3. Apply for the Verified Badge

Lastly, to get the blue tick, it is mandatory to apply for the badge on Instagram. Even with thousands of followers and a widespread social media presence, you won’t get the blue tick if you don’t ask for it. Hence, after creating your profile presence, don’t forget to apply for your badge.

Here is a step-by-step process which highlights the ways you can apply for the verified badge on Instagram:

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Go to settings and look for the official application form.
  • Write down the answers as required, and submit the form.

Though many online websites claim to provide you with the verified badge in exchange for a considerable sum of money, most of them turn out as fake. Hence, Instagram took an initiative to start the application process through the app itself. Therefore, you would no longer lose your money on getting the blue tick.

However, it would be best to create your social presence and be active before applying for the verification badge. Nevertheless, now you won’t fall prey to the multiple fake websites claiming to offer you with the blue sign, but ultimately ghosts you after getting the cash!


To get verified on Instagram, you need to work a lot towards growing your presence on Instagram and creating worthy content. The badge would not only make your profile authentic but also make you immensely popular globally.

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