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Influencer Marketing On Instagram


Influencer marketing is slowly becoming one of the most essential marketing forms. Businesses all around the world are collaborating with well-known people to drive brand awareness or simply expand the reach.

Even though the influencer marketing campaign can be executed on any given social media platform, Instagram is an unquestionable leader. Surveys reveal that around 89% of businesses feel like Instagram is the most important social media platform for influencer marketing.gro

Influencer marketing platforms such as Humanz, Grin and Upfluence simplify the process of finding influencers on Instagram as they have multiple filters that help businesses to clarify their need such as gender, location, follower amount, etc. Based on your company size and format these platforms will offer you the best influencers that can help you to boost your popularity and revenue. For instance, if you have a small local business, working with macro-influencers will not give you the desired results as they have followers from all over the world. However, nano-influencers might be the best choice as they have a more targeted audience and reaching them will help you to increase your income.

While there are other big names such as YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, Instagram shows no signs of slowing down. If you are looking for the most effective influencer marketing platform, you should definitely pay close attention to Instagram. Also, we highly recommend checking out this influencer marketing guide from Oberlo. It perfectly shows what it takes to launch a successful influencer marketing campaign in 2019. After reading it, you will have a better understanding of what is an influencer, business approach to influencer marketing, and how much does it cost to do it.

Why is Instagram the Perfect Choice for Influencer Marketing?

Social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube are much more established, so the natural question is why Instagram is winning this race of influencer marketing?

First of all, videos perform way better than photos or written content. While YouTube is a platform for exceptionally video content, it’s just much easier to do that on Instagram. Making a YouTube video requires a lot of time and dedication, it’s a complicated process. Users expect a certain level of quality of YouTube videos, so it’s not so easy to start your career as a content maker on YouTube.

In addition to that, it’s much more effortless to make video content on Instagram. It can be done daily, and that helps to create a special bond between the audience and influencer. With Instagram Stories, influencers can stream tiny bits of their everyday life and become a part of the family of users who are following them. In this case, influence is a lot bigger, and that’s why business looks forward to working with people that are close with their audience.

Instagram provides the opportunity to get famous for everyone. In fact, being a celebrity on Instagram is considered being bigger than appearing on TV or being a well-known artist.

Following that, there are a lot of different influencers on Instagram that you can choose from. Usually, YouTube channels or Facebook pages feature more generalized audience, and that’s not really beneficial for the business. On the other hand, influencers on Instagram tend to have an audience with specific interests, lifestyle, and over parameters. This allows targeting your promotions better and avoid spending the budget trying to sell to the people that are not interested at all.

Impact Instagram Influencers Have on Business

Statistically, around 10% of the marketing budget nowadays is spent on influencer marketing, and this number is expected to grow instagram followers continuously. If there is no need to say that it must have something special if businesses are willing to invest that kind of money into it.

Back in the day, influencer marketers were used just as announcers to increase brand visibility, and maybe expand the reach. Nowadays, you can generate direct sales and accomplish other specific goals of your business with the help of influencers on Instagram. Influencers are signing long-term contracts with brands, just like professional athletes. This consistency allows associating business with influencers, and this could lead to great results as people will feel connected to your business the same way they are connected to influencers.

Instagram is all about connections and communication, so boosting your business with the help of influencers is just one side of the coin. Besides that, you have to have your own Instagram account, and it must be professional. Otherwise, users might find your business boring, and it’s a huge red flag.

This might sound complicated and confusing if you have no previous experience in working with Instagram or influencer marketing. However, there is a solution to every problem, so you can always get some help from a professional IG agency that will be more than happy to guide you through this influencer marketing journey. Also, you can read more articles like this one to get a better picture of what it actually is before you even attempt to launch the influencer marketing campaign.

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