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10 Inefficient Features Making Visitors Leave Your Website


You’ve created a great website, filled it with content, and expect good traffic. But why don’t visitors stay on it and instead leave quickly?

A study by the Nielsen Norman Group says – most users spend on average about a minute on websites. It means that you have no more than a minute to interest the user.

Keeping users’ attention is not an easy task. Often, we cannot recognize the problem because we become “blind” to the design and content of our site and do not see any flaws. Let’s take a look at the reasons why your site can remain just a beautiful picture on the Internet.

1. Slow loading

53% of website visitors leave if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. More than half of your visitors will close the page rather than wait for it to load. Loading speed is critical not only for search engines. Facebook takes it into account when displaying ads – the faster the mobile site, the more actively the ads are unrolled.

2. Outdated design

About 94% of your website visitors will leave if they didn’t like its look. The research speaks for this, and the number is frightening! People will also leave your site if your design doesn’t adapt. Google has updated its core mobile algorithm, causing online stores that lack a mobile-friendly user interface to lose rank on organic search.

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3. Annoying ads

If banner ads and pop-ups are your primary source of income-you, this does not mean that you need to place these ads everywhere.

When a person comes across a vast amount of pop-up ads that prevent him from clicking a button on your site or scrolling a page, he will leave your site. Try to avoid a lot of such ads.

Complex or inconsistent navigation will make the user feel helpless, confusing, and even angry. Buttons that are scattered throughout the site and not ordered in any sequence are confusing. If you are waiting for feedback, do not hide the “contacts” button at the bottom of the page – a person may just get tired of looking for it and simply close your site.

5. Poor language and incomprehensible content

Creating quality content and checking its literacy is what you should do on your site without unnecessary reminders.

Messy content turns off, especially when customers are looking for specific information. It is also essential to insert relevant photos and pictures, decorate the text with infographics.

6. No optimization for mobile devices

Come on! It’s 2021 in the yard! Most of us use smartphones and tablets in our daily life to browse the web. Optimizing your site for such devices is the primary task. Google research says that “75% of smartphone users prefer a mobile-friendly site.”

7. Un-readability

Too large or too small fonts, harsh colors, blurry images – all this leads to unreadability and, as a result, to a poor user experience.If your budget allows, hire a designer or even a software development company like MLSDev that provides turnaround solutions for web or mobile app implementation. The color palette, font, and overall look of the site will affect conversions and customer retention.

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8. Live chats

This way, through chat, you can interact directly with your customers and offer instant help long before they even think about it. Also, you can recognize your visitor by their country, IP address, geographic location, past visits, and more. Live chat facilitates online interactions to improve customer service and increase sales conversions. The Forrester Research article discusses how “live communication” on a website affects conversions.

9. Outdated content

Filling the site with content and forgetting is the path to traffic loss. Who is interested in reading irrelevant information? Regular content updates are something you should always keep in mind.

And if some part of your content is not yet complete, try not to use the template phrase “Under construction.” Visitors tend to interpret it as “this site is rarely updated; we pass by.”

10. Complicated checkout process

Nobody wants to go through a complicated registration process to receive any product. You’d be surprised how many people leave the site leaving selected items in their shopping cart if the steps to get the thing get complicated and confusing. Customers today want everything to be straightforward and easy. They just don’t like to waste time filling out complex forms or additional steps for online payments.

To Sum Things Up

These are not all the reasons that can leave your site without visitors: the list goes on. However, the above reasons for leaving traffic are one of the main ones. Now users are spoiled by a large number of web pages, and only those who care that the client will be comfortable on this site will be able to interest the visitor.

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To successfully create such a site, you need to use business analysis services and constantly study your audience. Good usability helps provide a seamless experience for your visitors and increases your chances of success. And it can help make your site a success.

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