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Increasing Your Following On Instagram In 2020


If you are a little underwhelmed by the number of followers that you have on your Instagram account then this short guide should be of some help to you. This is because we take a look at some of the strategies that you can adopt in order to bump up your followers to a more respectable number. Of course, if you do not feel like you have enough skill to adopt some of these strategies, then there are companies out there, such as SocialMeep, who can do this sort of thing for you.

Make sure your account is fully optimized

Before you can even begin thinking about finding yourself some more followers, you must first ensure that your Instagram account is fully optimized. To do this, ensure that you have filled in the bio, added a profile image, and come up with an appropriate username. After all, new followers need to know what exactly your account is about if they are to engage with your content.

As part of this you should use a strong image that signifies your brand and include a link to your website or blog page in the bio section. By ensuring that your username is not only relevant, but also easy to find when searched for, it means that potential followers can find your account much easier. In those instances where your brand or business has a long name, try shortening it to one that is still relevant but is easier to type out. If you can avoid adding special characters or numbers to your username then do it.

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Plan out all of your posts

In order to help you gain new followers on Instagram, you need to ensure that the posts you put out are done so consistently. There is nothing more detrimental than posting at haphazard and random times, as it will leave the accounts already following you wondering if and when you will next post any content. One way of ensuring that you keep on top of this is by using a posting schedule. In order to avoid spamming your follower’s feeds, you should never post more regularly than a few times per day.

So that your posts reach a wider audience, including all of your followers, you should post at different times in the day, rather than at the same time of day all the time. If you do some research and look into your Insights, you will be able to see what time of day is the best to post content for the niche that you are in. By having a schedule in place, it will ensure that your followers will have a consistent experience, whilst keeping in the know of what you are doing.

This is by no means an extensive list, but these two things are good ones to get started with in building and developing your audience on Instagram.

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