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How Can Rooting Help In Increasing The Efficiency Of Your Android?


Androids are the most customizable phones/tablets available in the market. Even then, there are certain applications and features which you can’t customize. In order to do so, rooting your android device is the only available option. But, here the question arises that what exactly is rooting? And what can be achieved by it?

By rooting your device, you get access to the administrative privileges of your device’s system which are not accessible otherwise. There are many ways in which you can root your device like you can simply root it by using any of the android rooting service which is easily available or you can do with the help of your PC.  After rooting, you are free to customize your device to any extent you want. Like you will be able to modify your device’s software and as a result, the performance of your android device upgrades to a different level. One thing that should be kept in mind is that, rooting your phone is a risky business. When you root your device you nullify its warranty and if you don’t proceed with proper instructions you can even break your device. Even though, after all these risks, rooting your device is definitely worth it, as it will take your android experience to a whole new level. You can customize your device’s user interface, install higher level apps and increase the efficiency of existing apps but that’s not all there’s so much more to it.  Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

Benefits of rooting

Extreme Customization and installing so called “incompatible” applications

Usually apps are blocked by carriers which prevent its full performance. But, after rooting you can easily gain access to carrier blocked applications and even upgrade your device by emulating features which are exclusive for certain devices. After rooting you can make your android look like the exclusive Moto X or any other device that you want. Rooting also helps you in installing those apps that were previously incompatible with your device.

Enhances your device’s internal memory

In every device there are certain system software applications which are useless but as they are installed by the manufacturers you can’t delete them. After rooting your phone, you get access to the administrative settings of your device. This allows you to easily delete these unwanted system applications,freeing internal memoryspace. This feature is highly valuable for small androids devices having low internal memory space like 256Mbs. Once you have rooted your device you can even use apps like Titanium backup to delete unnecessary apps from your device freeing up tons of MBs.

Boosts Speed and battery life:

We all have noticed that, after certain time our android devices starts getting laggy or have trouble during charging. After rooting you can install special customized kernels (an OS that helps the software to communicate with the hardware) that have different optimization options. Some kernels helps in low-power consumption and some are built to enhance the system speed. On the other hand you can also use apps like Set CPU after rooting. These apps enable you to customize your phone’s processor so you can easily overclock or underclock it according to your needs.

Apart from these you can get endless benefits like; installing Add free apps, free Wi-Fi networks, better backup space and you can also enjoy infinite customizable features.

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