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In-House vs Outsourced Software Development


It’s like choosing between the vacation on the sea and in the mountains. You want to lie down on the beach and lazily sunbathe. Your friend wants to explore highland forests and go birdwatching. Who’s right? Nobody. Because it’s a matter of preference.

The in-house development type presupposes working in an office full time. It means that there will be no barriers in communicating because you can reach your co-worker at any time. Such a face-to-face mode of working bonds a team and increases their dedication to the project. As a leader, you will be able to control all processes and suggest corrections just as they needed. However, to gather an in-house team is time-consuming because it is hard to find the professionals you need just within your area. This way you will also launch a project later. Also, be prepared for expenses. You will need to not only pay the salaries but also spend money on maintaining an office, giving perks to the team and conducting team-building events.

Outsourcing development allows you to hire a self-assembled team. You are not limited to your area and can hire professionals with the required expertise from around the world. Although you will work with qualified devs, there can be a possibility to save money. In Asia and East Europe, the pricing for development services is lower than in Europe and South America. The quality may remain the same if not better. However, there is less control, because you will communicate with your team only via the Internet. If the time-zones differ a lot, communication will be even more disrupted. Also, be prepared for language barriers. Do not expect people from other countries to be native English speakers. They often are proficient, but sometimes they aren’t

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To understand what’s better for you, pass the test that SapientPro development team prepared for you:

  1. I have additional resources to arrange the recruitment process. A) yes, B) no;
  2. I am concerned about the possible clash of cultures in my team. A) yes, B) no;
  3. I can’t put up with the language barrier. A) yes, B) no;
  4. I have a one-time task that needs to be done fast. A) no, B) yes;
  5. I need my devs to be 100% available during their work time. A) yes, B) no;
  6. I like keeping every aspect of my project development under control. A) yes, B) no;
  7. I am willing to train my employees if they lack some skills. A) yes, B) no;
  8. I believe in the influence of corporate culture on my team. A) yes, B) no;
  9. I have a somewhat conservative business view. A) yes, B) no;
  10. I want to create a fully-dedicated team. A) yes, B) no;
  11. I strive to hire a ready-made team A) no, B) yes;
  12. I am not afraid to lose control over my team for the day or two. A) no, B) yes;
  13. Slack, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, Hangouts – I know how to use these. A) no, B) yes;
  14. I need a fast set up of my startup. A) no, B) yes;
  15. Time-zones differences are a problem for productive work. A) yes, B) no;
  16. I need professionals who already possess all the necessary skills. No time to train! A) no, B) yes;
  17. I can find all the great candidates in my city. A) yes, B) no;
  18. There is a field in my project in which I am not knowledgeable at all. I need to delegate it. A) no, B) yes.
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11+ A-answers. For now, the best solution for you would be creating an in-house team. You feel better when observing all processes and making corrections immediately. You believe that when the team works together in-door, they will be more united which influences the success of your project. A long-term perspective is more important than money-saving.

11+ B-answers. You can manage the outsourced team no matter from what part of the world they will work: Europe, Asia or Australia. It doesn’t matter for you when the devs tell you about the progress: in the morning or the evening. You need to launch your project fast and so you want to find a ready-made team.

9/10 As and 9/10 Bs. You can combine in-housing with outsourcing. Your in-door team can work on the tasks that need scrutiny and dedication. Others you can delegate to outsourced teams. Everyone wins. You get your tasks completed!

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