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Importance Of Social Media In Increasing Brand Awareness


The more brand awareness you have, the easier it is for your potential clients and customers to find you. The initial idea of brand awareness is to virtually see how easily people are able to recall and recognize your brand, it’s what makes people connect a particular product with a brand.

For example, when people want to buy adventure gear, they tend to shop from wildcraft or north face, although there are thousands of brands which sell adventure products and can be found with one google search. So, this can include things like, do the customers recognize their name, so they know the brand logo, were the colours attractive enough and most importantly, your products and content.

Having a high brand awareness is people having a greater familiarity with your brand, it should remind them of the brand’s goal, its history, mission, tag line, logo and all other things which could trigger a brand memory. When you see a three-pointed star, you know its Mercedes, you will be triggered with an image of fast luxury cars straight out of Germany.

Let us dive deep and try to understand how brand awareness is essential in contemporary business models.

Partnerships within different brands

Brands often get together and create partnership all the time, the most prominent example of this are Apple and Master Card, Red bull and GoPro or Spotify and Starbucks. These are all brand partnerships when businesses start it, these partnerships prove to be really beneficial to establish bonds with other brands, what this process does is when a brand shoes up with another brand it is a strategy to leverage each other’s customers to gain more clients and diversify the audience base.

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Social media plays a significant role here, and once such partnerships are established, the news is put forward in the social media circles, these brands get together and start co-publishing blogs. These blogs go under the common name of the merger and is directed towards the customers of both the brands.


Retargeting is often more exceptional towards shoppers with abandoned carts, this refers to people who visited your website, add products to their shopping carts, but they leave without ever purchasing anything, this is when retargeting using ads come in play, businesses use multiple social media platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to start showing them adds about those products, so they are reminded that they have left things in the shopping cart.

The fact that this strategy of retargeting helps people in remembering what they were buying also helps the customers to recall the brand they were buying it from, placing the brand in their memory. All social media sites charge these brands for putting up such advertisements and popups. Google and Facebook are one of the most prominent players in this form of an advertisement marketing system.

Guest Posting

One of the most popular ways of using social media in brand awareness is guest posting. You can’t jump right in and publish content for the Sun or the Wallstreet Journal, but you can start small, build credibility over time and slowly write for more significant publications. Social Media Management in Cyprus has gained considerable momentum, and you can learn quite a bit if you are new to this industry.

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Social media platforms are a great place to begin writing and tagging your partner brands; that way, you can have enough audience base to approach more extensive publications for some space in their monthly journal. You must research brands with a similar audience and similar content and then pitch them with your idea.

Social media influencers

Social media influencers are individuals who are famous in social media platforms, and you can work along with any influencer of your excellent to boost your brand’s awareness. A lot of businesses in the food and restaurant industry like to collaborate with influential food bloggers to help create brand awareness among a much wider audience.

Similarly, many companies develop videogames, work with gamers on YouTube to achieve the same effect. Working with an influencer can be an effective way to enhance and imprint the memory of your brand into the customer’s mind. Just make sure that you are not working with a fake influencer who will not be able to generate the amount of traffic you require.


In the race to build a great brand, they often forget to measure brand awareness, make sure to do this before you start building up the brand as it will give you something to work as a benchmark and compare your results with, so you can see precisely how your awareness grows over time and what methods work the best for you. Social media works wonders if you can harness this tool and use it to your benefit.

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