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The Importance Of Google Analytics When You Own A Website


Google Analytics is a must-have for every website owner because it’s an important tool when launching a new site. Also, digital analytics software allows you to analyze site details and metrics in an in-depth manner. In that way, you can gain valuable insights and create effective strategies to achieve your website goals. If you want to be an expert in setting up and using Google Analytics, you have to get a certification, this Google Analytics exam guide can help you out.

Check this tutorial to learn more about how you can benefit from using Google Analytics. After doing so, read on below to know the importance of using Google Analytics when you own a website:

Automatic Data Collection and Reporting

With Google Analytics (GA) website owners can take advantage of the benefits of this free and automated software that can gather data, statistics, numbers, and relevant website information. If you want your website to perform, you need to track important metrics, such as the number of visitors your website earn or site traffic, click-through rate or the number of clicks each web page has, and search engine ranking.

Luckily, you can get all the data you need with the help of Google Analytics. It features reduced work needed to put data into Google Spreadsheets, Docs, and Sites.

Here’s how:

  • Set up a Google Analytics account.
  • Copy a piece of code (programming code) on your website.
  • Google Analytics automatically starts collecting data.
  • Google Analytics automatically makes reports, giving you real-time reports.
  • Google Analytics has reliable features that’ll do the statistics for you, from real-time data gathering to reporting, saving you time and effort.

Keep Site Visitors Coming Back

If you want your website visitors to keep coming back, you need to track the ratio of old and new visits. Online users find and enter your website because they see something helpful and relevant. If you always have a fresh, new, interesting, and informative resource to offer, your bounce rate will decline, and you’ll have more visitors and quality leads.

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors leaving your site after viewing one web page. This valuable site metric will help you formulate better engagement strategies through your blog section and other site contents.

Here’s how to find your site bounce rate in GA:

  • Sign in to your GA account.
  • Choose the website you want to view.
  • Next, click on the Google Analytics view and go to the ‘Audience Overview’ page.
  • Click on the ‘Bounce Rate’ to view the bounce rate of your entire website.
  • You can view each page’s bounce rate by navigating to Behavior and All Pages.
  • You can change the dates if you like to know your site’s bounce rate for a specific period.

Evaluate Your Audience

Google Analytics will help you unleash valuable data about your existing audience. In that way, you can determine the best digital marketing strategies that’ll drive the most traffic and good ranking to your website.

With the Audience section, you’ll get a lot of information about your site visitors, like their age, gender, interests, location, mobile devices, and browsers. Also, you’ll get data or information about how your visitors were driven to your website.

Get valuable insights to help you create the best content where your target audience is interested in and spends the most time. For instance, age is a good indicator of where your audience engages most of the time. By determining the average age of your site visitors, you can create better social media marketing strategies to promote your brand.

Track Conversions

Google Analytics is a great conversion tracking tool based on the actions you want your site visitors to take, like signing up for an email list, making a purchase, or filling out a form. Your conversion rate is an essential metric to know if your website is performing or not.

When a site visitor takes action, it “converts” to a customer, which defines conversion. Of course, you want your audience to show a high engagement level, complete a purchase, or fill out a form to become a site member.

With Google Analytics, you’ll track if your visitors are taking action or not, so you can create more effective engagement strategies for your website.


Google Analytics is a very helpful tool that every website owner should use. You can track your audience, including their demographics and site behavior, and reduce your bounce rate and increase your conversion rate.

Boost your sales by using data with automatic data collection and reporting generated real-time by Google Analytics, so you can create the right strategies to strengthen your website presence and achieve your sales and marketing goals.

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