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Why You Should Implement The Split Testing Marketing Technique


Split testing is a common marketing strategy used to determine whether the variant A or the variant B provides better results. Split testing is often referred to as A/B testing, even though there is a slight difference between these two. Read on to learn more about what is split testing and how to implement it.

What Is Split Testing

Split testing is a method of determining the efficiency of ad sets or pages by experimenting with two different variants usually called A and B. This strategy can effectively increase marketing campaign performance by providing valuable insights regarding which ad set is yielding better results. During split testing, the visitors or a segment of visitors (based on location or source) are distributed between two different URLs of the same page to determine which URL or ad performs better.

The terms A/B testing and split testing are often used interchangeably but there is a slight difference between them. The A/B testing takes place on the same URL, which means that all visitors are directed to the same URL with different HTML elements. Split testing, on the other hand, directs visitors to two different URLs, which makes it more efficient for testing different page layouts, while A/B testing is used to test the performance of individual elements.

For example, split testing can be used to experiment which changes can positively impact certain aspects of the website. If you want to reduce a high cart abandonment rate, you can use split testing to determine which part of the cart page needs to be changed. On the other hand, if you were to change the cart design without any testing, you could hurt the metrics even more and thus generate even worse results.

Benefits of Split Testing

The split testing marketing technique comes with a variety of benefits that often result in better performance and higher efficiency. It allows marketers to test out which is the right move prior to making a mistake by simply shooting in the dark. By doing split testing, marketers can be sure that their next move won’t negatively affect the website’s performance or sales. Another important benefit of split testing is the fact that it allows marketers to understand what website designs work best for their customers.

Understanding customer behavior is an important factor in marketing and business in general. By implementing the right tests, marketers can shape their decisions based on their customers’ needs and desires. Moreover, split testing is completely risk-free because even when a variation fails, it does not affect the overall website performance. Lastly, split testing is easy to set up and it can be done under five minutes using smart split testing software tools. It is also important to mention that this type of testing allows marketers to test variants on a small percentage of traffic in order not to disturb the site performance metrics.

Split Testing Tools

Simple split testing software solutions make implementing these experiments easier than ever. With the right split testing tool, marketers can compare different metrics and find the right solutions for their website. There are several ways to implement split tests, depending on the company’s resources including time, money, and experience. Large corporations often use in-house built software to implement their split testing strategies. However, in most cases medium and small businesses don’t have the resources to afford this.

Smaller businesses with a limited budget can use SaaS platforms at more affordable rates to implement their split testing strategies. Such platforms offer flexible plans with monthly pricing, allowing companies to test and experiment with their variants more easily. If you are looking for an affordable and easy-to-use split testing tool, check out This simple tool will help you grow your business by using smart A/B testing and advanced traffic segmentation. Check out their pricing plans or contact their team for more information about the service.



It is well-known that marketing campaigns perform better with the right split testing techniques. A wide variety of site areas can be tested using this technique to determine which elements and structures perform best. For example, marketers can test Adwords landing pages, product pages, download pages for ebooks and guides, as well as visual elements such as images, colors, and video content.

With the right split testing efforts, companies can increase their conversion rate and bring the bounce rate down. Split testing can also solve cart abandonment issues by providing valuable insights into the performance of different elements. Most importantly, with the use of the right SaaS tools, businesses can make the right moves without a massive budget or years of split testing experience. Check out to learn more about split testing and how their tool can help you grow your business.

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