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How to Implement Salesforce Successfully and Improve Your Business Performance


Salesforce is powerful business software that can help improve your company’s performance! It does this by automating many repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time for employees. You might be wondering, ‘how long does a Salesforce implementation take?” This blog post will walk you through the process of implementing Salesforce in your company and how it can benefit you.

Understand the Problem

Often, a company will want to implement Salesforce because their current software is not meeting needs or is too difficult to use. To determine if this is the case for your business:

  • Make a list of the most important tasks you perform as a company and how they are currently being executed.
  • If there are any issues with that process, or it is not working, look into alternatives.
  • Make sure that the employees are using the software properly.

Set Goals

After seeing what problems your company may have with their current business software or how they are executed, set goals or “success metrics” for Salesforce implementation. These goals should show you the positive effects of Salesforce on your business. These metrics should be SMART — specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. For example: “Increase sales by 10%” or “Decrease the number of errors in a week by 15%”.

Look for Consultants

Once you know who wants to implement Salesforce in your business and what changes they will bring, you should look for consultants or companies that can help. This is not always easy, but these are some excellent places to start:

  1. LinkedIn — search’ Salesforce Consultant’ and filter by industry you’re interested in
  2. Company websites
  3. Salesforce Partner Locator on the AppExchange
  4. Google — search’ Salesforce Consultant’ and filter by industry.
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Create a Proposal

After you find potential consultants, you should compare them and create a proposal. The next step is to choose the right consultant for your company and send it to them. Keep in mind that they will be giving you proposals, and you should compare them before making a decision.

Five Important Things to Keep In Mind When Looking For a Salesforce Consultant

  • Experience — make sure the consultant has significant knowledge in your industry
  • References — look at the examples of work they have done for other companies.
  • Quality of work — for this, you should get in touch with references they have given
  • Price — consultants charge different amounts, so make sure you’re comparing similar work being done.
  • Timeframe — compare the time it will take the consultant to achieve your goals

Create a Pilot Project

Now that you’ve chosen the right consultant, it’s time to create a pilot project with them. The purpose of the pilot project is to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with their work before starting with implementing Salesforce in your entire company.

Consider Your Options

After creating the pilot, look at your options when implementing Salesforce in your business (cloud or on-premise). If you are not sure, talk it over with your chosen consultant. Salesforce offers different types of licensing, depending on your company’s needs.


When deciding whether to do self-service training online or work with a consultant, think about the time required for training and how quickly you would like for employees to implement Salesforce in the business.

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Implement Salesforce

If you are satisfied with the pilot project, it’s time to implement Salesforce in your company! Make sure that you manage all the expectations of your employees and discuss any concerns they may have. You should also make sure everyone has access to relevant training and the necessary resources.

How Salesforce Can Benefit You

  • Better Communication, Collaboration & Innovation, Boost Productivity, Salesforce
  • success, Boost Sales Effectiveness
  • Everyone is on the Same Page
  • Save time and Focus on Strategy
  • Increase Transparency

As you can see, implementing Salesforce in your business can have many benefits. Are you interested in Salesforce for your business? Talk to your employees or consultants about the process! Contact us for consultations on how we can help you implement Salesforce with ease.

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