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How WordPress Took Over the Internet


Whether you talk about personal blogs or the major websites out there like The New YorkerBBC and WordPress is flourishing steadily, and its success seems to be never ending.

Primarily, it is because WordPress benefits businesses. If you have a business and you want people to know about it, you create a website. If you create a website there’s about a 30 percent chance you’re using WordPress.

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WordPress has a huge stake in the internet, but that wasn’t always the case. A lot of it had to do with its 2003 release, beating out a lot of the newer content management systems. But mostly WordPress’ ubiquity has to do with its function.

These are the reasons WordPress took over the internet

#1 It’s Free

WordPress is as beneficial to bloggers as it is to newly launched businesses. This is because of the free features that WordPress provides. Many businesses spend a lot of money on website management software and workers.

WordPress is essentially free software with premium upgrades available. You don’t have to upgrade ever. This is appealing and gets people in the door.

Since WordPress is basically an open source, you have the ability to improve or change the source code to build up the right site according to your requirements.

#2 You Can Use It Right Away

WordPress can be used instantly after installation, unlike other content management systems. It doesn’t require you to configure a long list of add-ons after installing it. You can get directly to the core features of WordPress, like comments, RSS feeds, post editor, and more.

#3 It’s Flexible

The flexibility adds to the appeal of WordPress.

Whether you plan on using WordPress as a private blog or for an E-Commerce website, WordPress is good enough to fulfill any of your requirements through a plethora of features.

WordPress makes publishing online content easy by allowing you to write without hassle. Also, WordPress contains simple whistles that embellish your work by adding content and links to the right places.

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Similarly, WordPress also provides you with the feature of adding images and tweets. It takes some time, however, to be a pro at WordPress. But it’s easy to become one.

#4 It’s Search Engine-Friendly

The top used search engines prefer websites that are usually powered by WordPress. This is because of its structure that is easy to crawl.

Google’s Matt Cutts did the endorsement of WordPress during the WordCamp San Francisco that happened in 2009. Also, his private blog is built on WordPress.

#5 It’s Safe and Secure

WordPress is a widely known CMS. On the other hand, it is also an ideal target for hackers. To make sure that your privacy is not compromised, WordPress has taken measures to ensure complete security of its users.

You can simply implement some common security measures like not installing a theme or plugin from a website that is not authentic. WordPress also frequently updates its software to protect it from any potential attack. WordPress also has an automatic software update feature to prevent any security breach.

#6 It’s Customizable

You can customize your site’s appearance and functions according to your needs with the plugins and themes that WordPress offers. This demands just a click of the button.

Furthermore, with a wide variety of features that WordPress offers, you can always create the type of website you’ve always dreamt of. These features make WordPress the best-known content management system.

How WordPress Took Over the Internet

#7 It’s Easy To Use

The best perk of using WordPress is the easy-to-use features. WordPress makes a user-friendly platform by being intuitive and easy to learn.

Also, learning the use of WordPress and all of its features doesn’t require a lot of effort and time. No wonder WordPress is renowned for its “5-minute install.”

#8 The Support Is There

WordPress is also ideal to use as it offers unprecedented support. This support comes from the WordPress community. Here, you can submit any queries and immediately get helpful answers via the WordPress forums.

#9 Easy To Manage

WordPress possesses the autoupdate feature for better security of your private websites. WordPress also sends notifications of updates regarding themes and plugins as they happen.

This ensures that organizing your website on WordPress is easy and fast as you’ll always be familiar with the latest updates. This keeps your site secure and updated.

If you’d rather, you can opt for a reliable WordPress hosting service to help make it easier for you to manage a website, but really anybody can manage a WordPress site with enough experience.

#10 It Hosts Multimedia

You can even add videos and images as well to your websites to yield greater benefits. WordPress helps you attach multimedia files to your posts. You can also edit these multimedia files like images and videos, even after inserting them into your website and its posts.

#11 It Integrates

WordPress integrates with many of the other strong platforms to boost up your business. Do you want to launch an email campaign? You can simply use services such as l Aweber or MailChimp.

Do you want to get paid for a product or service? WordPress also works with many of the famous payment gateways.

#12 It’s Mobile friendly

Since you cannot carry your laptop and huge gadgets everywhere, it is increasingly important for a website to be mobile friendly enough to accommodate smartphones.

WordPress doesn’t disappoint you by not qualifying this feature. It is extremely mobile friendly, thanks to the responsive themes.

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