How Unikernels Can Work With Supercomputers To Provide Scaling Solutions 

Issac Glantz
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how unikernels can work with supercomputers to provide scaling solutions

Since supercomputers are going to continue increasing in size, bandwidth, data storage processing speeds, and a number of applications, the technology surrounding computers and data storage have to simultaneously increase. By being able to use supercomputers to effectively run applications – and run them securely and quickly – businesses need to be able to use a foolproof technology method that can adapt to the ever-changing nature of these supercomputers.

Without the ability to change with the times, the tech world will find that they are evolving supercomputers just to become obsolete. To avoid this happening and keep supercomputers running scalable applications, companies need to continue refining and developing a foolproof operating system to work with supercomputers – the unikernel.

Let’s see what unikernels are, how they work, and how they work with supercomputers to scale applications.

How do unikernels scale applications with supercomputers

Since unikernels have become popular in recent months – beating out other options like virtual machines and containers – they have shown great prowess in terms of running applications quickly, fighting off security attacks, and efficiently utilizing their space. Along with the security benefits, there are performance enhancements, a cost-effective nature for business, ease of set up, ease of use, and other important factors that make unikernels one of the most innovative and effective technologies in terms of cloud computing.

The history of OS architecture 

Let’s go back a few years to see how unikernels have changed the operating system that we work with today. Before, the OS components would typically have to contain multiple processes and applications that were all expected to function simultaneously – and still maintain fast processing speeds. This soon became impossible, as the processing demand would grow and the amount of data increased. Instead of keeping up with the ever-changing demands of scaling applications and working with supercomputers, OS systems began to slow down, since they had to house drivers, libraries, kernels, runtimes, and programs. This excess of software and hardware into one system made it impossible for the technology to run multiple processes.

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Unikernels can provide scaling solutions 

This is where the unikernels come into play. Instead of housing all of these components in a singular place, the unikernels are single space machine images that run solely one process by operating one application. This makes it possible to scale applications to a far greater level than other operating systems since they can utilize a single machine image per application – and not crowd various processes and applications into one virtual machine or container.

Being able to scale applications and work with widespread servers is key to the functionality of unikernels. Along with being able to work together with supercomputers, unikernels have the ability to process thousands of transactions within one second, support fast speeds, and maintain a secure infrastructure.


Using unikernels is the best way that you can adapt to the changing times and evolution of supercomputers. Due to the fast processing speeds, enhanced security, and the ability to continue working with singular applications and processes, unikernels are able to stay ahead of the curve.

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