How To Watch Twitch On A Roku Device

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Hey there! Do you have a Roku at home? It’s like a magic box that lets you watch all sorts of movies and shows. Pretty cool, right? Now, let’s talk about Twitch. Twitch is this super fun place where you can watch live streams of games and lots more. It’s like having an endless supply of entertainment!

In the past, you could easily add Twitch to your Roku and enjoy all its cool stuff. But guess what? Twitch decided to remove their official app from Roku, which was a bit of a bummer.

But don’t worry!

There’s still a way to watch all those amazing Twitch streams and videos on your Roku. Want to know how? Keep reading, and I’ll tell you all the secrets on how to keep enjoying Twitch on your Roku device!

Adding TWOKU

Miss having Twitch on your Roku? Well, I’ve got some great news for you! There’s this cool thing called TWOKU – it’s like a secret pass to bring Twitch back to your Roku. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. First Step: Dive into Your Roku Settings
    • Turn on your Roku and head over to the ‘Account Settings’ page. It’s like the control room for your Roku.
  2. Add Some Magic with a Secret Code
    • In the ‘Account’ page, find the option that says ‘Add channel with a code’. Click it!
    • Now, type in the magic word – either ‘TWOKU’ or ‘C6ZVZD’.
    • Hit ‘Add channel’, and then press ‘OK’ after reading the disclaimer (it’s important to read the fine print!).
  3. Confirm Your Choice
    • A message will pop up asking if you’re sure. Go ahead and click ‘Yes, add channel’.
  4. Update to Make the Magic Happen
    • Go back to the main screen and click on ‘Settings’.
    • Choose ‘System’ and then ‘System update’.
    • Click on ‘Check now’ to update your Roku. This is like giving it a quick refresh.
  5. Ta-Da! Twitch Returns
    • After the update, you’ll find TWOKU waiting for you at the bottom of your channel list. Now you’re ready to dive into the world of Twitch streams!

A Friendly Heads-Up:

TWOKU isn’t officially supported or verified, so think of it as a bit of a wild card. It’s like using a backdoor to access Twitch, so there’s a tiny risk involved. Roku might not be too happy if they find out, as they don’t like unofficial apps much. But if you’re okay with that, TWOKU is your go-to for Twitch fun!

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Remember, TWOKU might not be as polished as the official Twitch app, and it doesn’t get updated often. But hey, it’s currently the only game in town for Twitch on Roku!

Getting the Official Twitch Channel Back

Guess what? If you ever had the official Twitch channel on your Roku before it vanished, you’re in luck! You can actually get it back. Here’s the secret way to do it:

  1. Start Your Roku Adventure
    • Head over to your Roku box and log in to the account settings page. It’s like the starting point of this quest.
  2. Summon the Twitch Channel
    • Look for the option ‘Add Channel’. It’s like choosing a new player for your game.
    • Now, here’s the magic word: type ‘twitchtv’ in the box.
    • Click on ‘Add channel’, and a warning message will pop up. Hit ‘OK’ to agree (always good to read warnings!).
  3. Add Twitch to Your Team
    • Just like adding a new character in a video game, now you’re adding Twitch back to your Roku.
  4. Update Your Roku – Level Up!
    • Go to the ‘Settings’ menu from your Roku’s home screen.
    • Choose ‘System’, then ‘System update’.
    • Select ‘Check now’ to give your Roku a quick update. Think of it as leveling up your device!
  5. Twitch Rejoins the Party
    • Once your Roku is updated, the Twitch channel should be back at the bottom of your channel list. It’s like finding a lost treasure!
    • Now, you can log in and start watching your favorite Twitch streams again.

Good News:

Using the old official Twitch channel on Roku is generally safe. It’s like having a reliable old friend back in your gaming squad. So go ahead and enjoy Twitch streaming on your Roku, just like the good old days!

Adding a Channel on a PC

Don’t feel like turning on your Roku box? No problem! You can use your computer to add Twitch to your Roku. It’s super easy, and here’s how you do it:

  1. Start on Your Computer
    • First, hop onto your computer and visit the Roku website. It’s like the online control center for your Roku.
    • Log into your Roku account. Think of it as unlocking the door to your Roku world.
  2. Add Twitch with a Secret Code
    • Look for the link that says ‘Add channel with a code’. It’s like a secret passage to new channels!
    • Now, enter the secret code – ‘twitchtv’ for the official Twitch channel or ‘TWOKU’ for the alternative way.
    • Hit ‘Add channel’. You’re almost there!
  3. Say Yes to Adventure
    • Roku will show you a warning message. It’s just them being cautious. Click ‘OK’ to agree.
    • Then confirm your choice by clicking ‘Yes, add channel’. It’s like saying “yes” to a new adventure!
  4. Update Your Roku Box
    • After this, you’ll need to give your Roku box a little update. It’s like helping it learn something new.
    • This will make sure the new Twitch channel shows up and is ready to go.
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Stay Cool and Stream On

The best part? Using these methods to watch Twitch on Roku is pretty safe. Roku won’t give you trouble if you’re just watching streams. It’s like having a free pass to enjoy all the Twitch content you love without worries!

Watch Twitch on Roku by Screen Mirroring with an Android Device

Did you know you can watch Twitch on your Roku by using your Android phone or tablet? It’s like turning your phone into a magic wand for streaming! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start on Twitch
    • First, grab your Android device and log in to your Twitch account. Choose the stream you want to watch – it’s like picking your favorite TV show!
  2. Find Your Streaming Spell
    • On your device, look for a magic button called ‘Smart View’ or ‘Screen Cast’. It’s like finding the key to unlock your TV’s big screen.
  3. Choose Your Roku as Your Magic Screen
    • Select your Roku device from the list. It’s like telling your phone where to send the magic Twitch stream.
  4. Let the Magic Begin
    • Allow your phone to cast the video to your TV through Roku. It’s like connecting two puzzle pieces!
  5. Enjoy Your Twitch Adventure
    • Once the connection is set, you can watch any Twitch streams or videos on demand. It’s like having a front-row seat to your favorite shows!

Pro Tip:

You can give your device permanent permission to cast to your TV. This way, you can skip step 4 next time. It’s like having a VIP pass for future streaming!

Make Your Roku Always Ready for Action

To make sure your Roku is always ready for screen mirroring, do this:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ on your Roku.
  • Navigate to ‘System’ and then ‘Screen mirroring’.
  • Select ‘Always allow’ under ‘Screen mirroring mode’.

This setting tells your Roku to always welcome your Android device’s streams. Without this, you can’t do the cool stuff above. It’s like keeping your Roku’s door always open for your phone’s streams!

Watch Twitch on Roku by Screen Mirroring with a PC

Did you know you can use your computer to watch Twitch on your Roku? It’s like turning your PC into a super cool remote control for your TV! Here’s the wizardry you need to do:

  1. Get Ready to Cast Twitch from Your PC
    • Open your favorite web browser, like Google Chrome.
    • Hit the ‘Windows Key + A’ on your keyboard to open the Quick Actions menu. It’s like opening a treasure chest of shortcuts!
    • Look for ‘Cast’ or ‘Project’. If it’s playing hide and seek, click the pencil icon and add it to your Quick Actions menu.
  2. Connect Your PC to Roku
    • Click on ‘Cast’, then select your Roku device from the list. It’s like sending an invitation to your Roku to join the Twitch party.
    • Connect to your Roku box, and give your PC permission to project Twitch streams. It’s like getting a VIP ticket to the big screen.
  3. Watch Twitch on Your TV
    • If everything’s set up right, you’ll see Twitch on your TV, just like that! It’s like magic!
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Oops! Something Not Right? Here’s a Quick Fix:

  • If the Twitch stream isn’t showing up properly, click ‘Change projection mode’ in the ‘Cast’ pop-up.
  • Choose ‘Duplicate’ instead of the other options.
  • Now, your Twitch stream should pop up on your Roku box, ready for watching.

Some Extra Tips:

  • Twitch said goodbye to its official Roku channel in 2019, so these tricks are super useful for Twitch fans.
  • Remember, not all Roku boxes and mobile devices can cast to Roku. Check out the Roku Support Website for more info.
  • Screen mirroring is usually on by default. If it’s off, you might have changed this setting before.

Twitch and Roku: Finding New Ways to Connect

Hey everyone! So, we’ve talked about a bunch of cool ways to keep watching Twitch on your Roku, right? But here’s something to think about: Roku might be changing things up. They’re kind of moving away from some of these methods. This means, soon, casting might be your main ticket to watch your favorite gamers on Twitch.

But don’t worry! As long as you’ve got these tricks up your sleeve, Twitch will still be there on your Roku, waiting for your next streaming adventure.

Now, It’s Your Turn!

Which of these methods do you like the best? Is there a super-secret way to watch Twitch on Roku that we haven’t talked about? We’re super curious! Drop your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. Let’s keep the conversation going and share our Roku-Twitch tips and tricks with each other!

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