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How To Use Videos And Pictures In An Advertising Campaign


Using audio and visual media to illustrate a point can be a lot more poignant than the written word if done correctly. Properly advertising yourself or whatever your services are in a campaign is entirely dependent on whether or not you utilize the resources available to you properly. Even advertising campaigns that seem simple and grassroots might have had a lot more going on behind the scenes than you expected, so never underestimate the effort required in genuinely making a mark and standing out among your competitors.

If you do want to use pictures and videos to show yourself off in an advertising campaign, keep these tips in mind:

Know the scope of your service.

If you offer a product or service meant to satisfy a specific need, the pictures you use need to be carefully selected to be congruent with how your customers should feel after receiving your service. For instance, if you’re in the financial sector, it would be prudent to make use of settings that convey a feeling of peace and relaxation, as if your financial services were able to quell the anxieties of your clients with ease. Also, they shouldn’t be confused with regards to your industry. If the pictures and videos you use do more to obfuscate the nature of your business than they do to clarify it, you’re on the wrong track.

Use professionals.

It might seem like you’re saving money by doing everything yourself or with favors from friends. But then, each dollar you spend on your advertising campaign for the right people with the right know-how should be seen as potential increases in earnings, thanks to the success of the said campaign. As stated in the introduction, it can take a lot of effort even for something to look laidback and low effort in the end. There are a lot of rules that need to be followed regardless of your budget, and the professionals know these rules inside and out. Examples of what professional photography looks like and how proper photo composition can be achieved by those familiar with photography can be seen at websites such as

Choose descriptive imagery.

Whether or not you actually use words in conjunction with the photos or videos used, each frame should convey as much relevant information as possible on a single topic. In advertising, you’re essentially trying to positively capture the human attention span and redirect it to a money-making endeavor. The more the people seeing your ads can ascertain about your services in as little amount of time is possible, the better. Even if they don’t really give their full attention to your ad, the right tidbit of information might get lodged in their mind, and then they’ll return to find out more.


Pictures have been used to convey emotions and advertise businesses for hundreds of years now. They are clearly an effective medium for advertisements. That being said, putting any old picture on a flyer and populating it with words doesn’t necessarily mean your ad will be memorable or even eye-catching. People need to be able to quickly understand who you are, what you plan on doing, and how you plan on doing it. As long as those requirements are satisfied, you might just have yourself a worthwhile campaign on your hands.

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