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Hey there, fellow gamers! So, you’ve got your hands on the mighty PS5, the most powerful console around, but bummed out because it can’t run Discord directly? Don’t worry, I’ve got some cool tricks up my sleeve to help you chat with your buddies on Discord without leaving your beloved PS5.

First things first, let’s face the tough news: installing Discord directly on your PS5 is a no-go. But hey, who said we can’t be clever about this? If you’re like me and want to keep all your gaming action in one place (without constantly checking your phone), you’re in the right spot. I’m going to show you how to get Discord up and running on your PS5. And guess what? It’s easier than you think!

Stay tuned as I dive deeper into how to make this magic happen. Let’s turn your PS5 into a social hub with Discord! 🎮🗨️💬

Use Discord on the PS5 by Sending a Message

Alright, fellow PS5 enthusiasts! Let’s jump into how you can use Discord on your PS5 to keep in touch with your gaming crew, even though there’s no official Discord app for the console. I’ve got two awesome methods for you. Let’s start with the simpler one.

Method 1: Quick and Easy Way to Access Discord

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Discord Through PlayStation Party

  1. Fire up PlayStation Party: Turn on your PS5 and head over to PlayStation Party. Choose a friend you want to message. This friend is about to be your link to Discord!
  2. Send the Discord Link: In your message, type and send to your friend.
  3. Open the Link: Click on the link you just sent. It will take you to the official Discord website.
  4. Log In to Discord: Once you’re on the Discord site, sign in with your account details.
  5. Start Chatting: Now you’re all set to join voice channels and chat with your friends. You can also type in text channels, but voice chat is way cooler, especially when you’re in the middle of a game.
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Pro Tip: Grab a compatible headset with a microphone. You’re going to need it to talk to your friends.

Method 2: For the Ultimate Sound Experience

Now, if you’re all about that high-quality audio and don’t mind a bit of setup, this next method is your ticket to awesome sound while using Discord on your PS5. You’ll need a few things:

  • USB Headset
  • Optical Cable
  • MixAmp
  • A PC

Setting It Up:

  1. Connect Your Gear: Hook up your PS5 to the MixAmp using the optical cable. Then, dive into the PS5 Settings menu.
  2. Adjust Sound Settings: Go to Sound and then Audio Output. Choose the Digital or Optical out option.
  3. Set Up Discord on PC: Fire up Discord on your PC. Head over to Settings and then Voice & Video.
  4. Configure Your Devices: In the Input Device dropdown, select MixAmp. Set the Output Device to Default in the Voice & Video settings.
  5. Final Connections: Link your headset to the MixAmp. Double-check all your connections.
  6. Enjoy!: If everything’s set up right, you’ll hear both your PS5 and PC audio through your headset. Sweet, right?

MixAmps aren’t the cheapest gadgets around, but they’re super reliable. Plus, you don’t have to keep opening links like in the first method.

Connect Your PlayStation Network Account with Discord

Great news for PS5 players! Did you know Sony and Discord are now teaming up? That’s right, thanks to a partnership formed by Sony’s investment in Discord, you can now link your PlayStation Network (PSN) account with Discord. This started in January 2022, and it’s super easy to do. Let me walk you through it.

Linking Your PSN Account to Discord: A Simple Guide

Steps to Connect Your Accounts

  1. Open Discord: First things first, open up Discord on your device.
  2. Head to User Settings: Look for the little gear icon – that’s your User Settings.
  3. Find Connections: In the User Settings, you’ll see a tab called ‘Connections’. Click on that.
  4. Choose PlayStation: You’ll see various icons for different platforms. Click on the PlayStation icon.
  5. Log In with PlayStation Credentials: Now, sign in using your PlayStation Network account details.
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And voilà, you’re all set!

What This Means for the Future

The Promise of an Optimized Discord Experience

  • Current Limitations: Right now, you might be using the web version of Discord on your PS5, which isn’t the best. It’s really designed for PC users with a mouse and keyboard, so navigating with a PS5 controller can be a bit clunky.
  • Looking Forward: But guess what? Once Discord officially lands on Sony consoles, it’s going to be optimized for a much smoother, user-friendly experience. Imagine navigating Discord seamlessly with your PS5 controller. That’s what we’re waiting for!

Make the Most of Your Discord Connection

  • Show Off Your Gaming: Want to let your friends see what you’re playing on PS5? Just make sure to toggle on ‘Display on Profile’ and ‘Display PlayStation Network as your status’ in the Connections settings on Discord. This way, everyone can see your game activity.

PlayStation Party Chat and Discord Comparison

When it comes to chatting and staying connected with friends while gaming on the PS5, you’ve got two main options: PlayStation Party Chat and Discord. Both have their perks, but let’s break down how they stack up against each other.

PlayStation Party Chat: The PS5’s Built-In Option

PlayStation Party Chat is like your friendly neighborhood hangout spot. It’s right there in your PS5, ready to use. It’s perfect for jumping into game parties and meeting new friends on PlayStation. Here’s what’s cool about it:

  • Instant Access: It’s integrated into your PS5, so starting a chat is quick and easy.
  • Meet New Gamers: Great for making new friends within the PlayStation community.
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Discord: The All-Rounder Chat App

Now, let’s talk about Discord. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of chat apps. It’s versatile, packed with features, and you can use it almost anywhere. Here’s why Discord shines:

More Accessibility

  • Multi-Platform: Unlike Party Chat, which is PlayStation-only, Discord is everywhere – PC, mobile, you name it. This means you can stay connected with your gaming buddies no matter what device you’re using.


  • Media Embedding and More: Discord isn’t just about chatting. You can share images, GIFs, stickers right from your keyboard, and even more media types. This makes chatting more fun and interactive compared to Party Chat.

Bigger Community

  • Widespread Usage: Discord boasts a huge user base, thanks to its free-to-use nature and availability across multiple platforms. This means more potential friends and a broader community to engage with.

Cross-Platform Connectivity

  • Gaming Without Boundaries: Playing on PS5 but your friend’s on PC? No problem. Discord breaks down those platform walls, letting you chat across different devices. Sadly, PlayStation Party Chat can’t do that.

The Final Verdict: Embracing Discord on PS5

So, we’ve talked about some pretty cool workarounds for using Discord on your PS5, and yeah, they’re handy to have. But let’s be real – what we’re all eagerly waiting for is the day when Discord becomes an official part of the PS5 experience.

Now, I’ve shared my two cents, but what about you? Are you excited about the possibility of Discord on PS5? Or maybe you’re wondering why the PS5 doesn’t have its own internet browser? Your opinions are what make the gaming community awesome.

Let’s Hear From You!

  • Share Your Views: Drop your thoughts in the comments section. Are you all for Discord on PS5?
  • Browser or No Browser?: And how about an internet browser on the PS5 – is it a must-have, or are you okay without it?

Every opinion counts, and who knows, your insights might just be the nudge needed for the next big thing in the gaming world. Let’s chat in the comments! 🎮💬👇

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