How To Turn Off The PS5 Console, Controller, And Mic

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Hey there, gamer! 🎮 Have you ever stood there, scratching your head, wondering how to power off your shiny new PS5? It might seem like child’s play, but trust me, it’s not always as simple as pressing a button – especially if you’re new to the PlayStation world. And hey, even if you’re a PS3 or PS4 pro, the PS5 has its own set of tricks.

In this guide, we’re diving into the world of PS5. I’m going to walk you through the steps to turn off your PS5, with or without that cool DualSense controller in your hand. Plus, I’ve got some neat tips on how to switch off your DualSense controller to save battery life, especially handy when you’re waiting for that next big game to download. Let’s get started! 🌟

How to Turn Off the PS5 With a Controller

Turning off your PS5 with the DualSense controller is like learning a cool new trick. It might seem a bit puzzling at first, especially with the PS5’s new user interface, but once you do it a couple of times, it’s a breeze!

Before we dive in, it’s important to know that your PS5 has two ways to “rest”: Complete Shutdown and Rest Mode. Shutting it down completely stops everything – like taking a deep sleep. But in Rest Mode, your PS5 is like a napping cat – still awake enough to download games, install updates, and charge your controllers. However, it still uses a little bit of power in this mode.

Ready to turn off your PS5 without even leaving your cozy spot? Here’s how:

Using the Control Center Menu

  1. Wake Up the Control Center: Simply press the PlayStation logo on your controller.
  2. Find the Power Button: You’ll see a power icon. Click on it, and three choices pop up: Enter Rest Mode, Turn Off PS5, and Restart PS5.
  3. Choose to Power Off: Select the second option, Turn Off PS5.

As you do this, the PS5 doesn’t shut down instantly. Instead, it prepares to sleep. You’ll see a message saying, “Preparing to turn off your PS5…” This is your sign not to unplug it while it’s still blinking. Think of it like saying goodnight before it goes off to dreamland! 🌙✨

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How to Turn Off the PS5 Without a Controller

So, what if you’ve misplaced your controller or it’s out of reach? No worries! Turning off your PS5 directly on the console is super easy, and sometimes it’s even faster. But, you’ll need to get up and find your PS5 in your gaming setup.

Finding the Right Button

On your PS5, look for the black bar in the middle. There, you’ll find the buttons you need.

  • If you have the Standard PS5 with a disk drive, you’ll see two buttons. The Power button is on the left.
  • Got the Digital Edition? Just one button for you, and that’s your Power button.

The Perfect Press

  1. Locate Your Button: If your PS5 is standing tall (vertically), the Power button will be at the bottom. If it’s lying down (horizontally), it’s on the left side.
  2. Press and Listen for Beeps: Gently press and hold the Power button. Wait for two beeps – that’s the magic number. If you release after the first beep, you’re putting your PS5 into a snooze (Rest Mode). Two beeps mean it’s bedtime (complete shutdown).

Wait for the Goodnight Message

Just like with the controller method, your PS5 will take a moment to get ready for shutdown. You’ll see a message on your screen reminding you not to unplug the console while the light is still blinking. It’s like saying, “Hold on, I’m almost asleep!”

And there you go! Whether you’re a button presser or a controller clicker, turning off your PS5 is just a few simple steps away. 🕹️🌟

How to Turn Off the PS5 Controller

Playing games on your PS5 is awesome, but what about those times when you’re downloading a game and don’t want to drain your controller’s battery? The PS5 DualSense controller, with its 1,560 mAh battery, needs a bit of care to keep it charged for longer gaming sessions. Turning it off is a smart move, and here’s how you can do it, differently from older PlayStation controllers.

Method 1: Through the Control Center

  1. Start at the PlayStation Logo: Press the PlayStation logo button on your DualSense controller.
  2. Find the Accessories Option: On the menu’s bottom row, look for the icon that looks like a gamepad with a little battery meter.
  3. Select Your Controller: Hit the X button, and you’ll see all connected devices. Look for your controller, labeled as Wireless Controller.
  4. Power It Down: Select your controller and choose the Turn Off option.

Method 2: Set It to Turn Off Automatically

You can also make your controller turn itself off after a while. This is perfect if you often forget to turn it off manually.

  1. Go to Settings: Hit the cog icon at the top right of your home screen.
  2. Find ‘System’: Scroll down the submenu until you find the System option.
  3. Power Saving Settings: Scroll down to Power Saving.
  4. Set the Timer: Choose how long the controller should wait before turning off by itself. You can set it for 10, 30, or 60 minutes of not being used.

And there you have it! Whether you want to turn off your controller manually or set it to snooze on its own, these simple steps will help save your controller’s battery for more gaming fun later on! 🎮🔋✨

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How to Turn Off the PS5 Controller Mic

The PS5 DualSense controller is a marvel with loads of cool features, including a built-in high-quality microphone. This mic is active by default, which means it can pick up your voice even when you don’t intend it to. This could be a bit awkward during online games, right? Don’t worry; turning off the mic is easy, and I’ll show you how.

Method 1: Quick Mute via the Controller

  1. Find the Mute Button: Look for the horizontal mute button right under the PlayStation logo on your controller.
  2. Press to Mute: Simply press it, and voila! The button will glow orange to indicate that the mic is off.

Method 2: Mute via the Control Center

  1. Access the Control Center: Press the PlayStation logo button on your controller.
  2. Mute the Mic: Find the microphone icon in the Control Center and press X. This silences the mic on your controller.

For Complete Silence (Mic and Game Sounds)

  • Long Press for Total Mute: If you want to mute everything, including game sounds, just hold down the mute button until it starts blinking orange. This is perfect for those moments when you need a quick break from everything.

Method 3: Mute via the Settings Menu

  1. Head to Settings: Click the gear icon at the top right of your screen.
  2. Go to Sound: Navigate to the Sound section.
  3. Microphone Settings: Select Microphone from the Sound menu. Make sure the Input Device is set to ‘Microphone on Controller’.
  4. Set to Mute on Login: Choose ‘Microphone Status When Logged In’ and change it from On to Mute.

Now, your PS5 won’t pick up any background chatter or noise. Whether you’re chatting in a game or just need a moment of silence, these steps will ensure your PS5 controller mic only hears what you want it to. Happy gaming with peace of mind! 🎮🔇✨

Can You Turn Off the PS5 From the App?

Isn’t technology amazing? You can actually turn off your PS5 right from your smartphone! To do this, you’ll need the PlayStation app, which you can get from Google Play or the App Store. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up everything:

Setting Up Remote Play on Your PS5

  1. Enable Remote Play:
    • Go to the Settings on your PS5.
    • Open the System section and find Remote Play.
    • Turn on the Enable Remote Play option.
  2. Prepare for Rest Mode:
    • If your PS5 is set to Rest Mode, you can tweak Remote Play settings. Go to Settings > System > Power Saving.
    • Under Rest Mode Features, make sure to check Stay Connected to the Internet and Enable Turning on PS5 from Network.

Connecting the PS5 to Your Smartphone

  1. Set Your PS5 in Rest Mode.
  2. Launch the Remote Play App: Start the Remote Play app on your phone and sign in with your PS5 account. After the initial setup, you’ll just need to select your device to access Remote Play.

Using the Remote Play App

  • Through the app, you can access the control center of your PS5, which includes the power options.
  • You’ll also be able to adjust mic settings, download games, change screen settings, and more.
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Important Note:

  • Wi-Fi Connection: Ensure that both your PS5 and mobile device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network for seamless connectivity.

Linking Your PS5 to the PlayStation App

  • Direct Connection: You can also link your PS5 to your phone by going to Settings > Console settings > Link Console to App on your PS5.

With these steps, you can easily manage your PS5’s power settings from the comfort of your phone. Whether you’re cozy in bed or away from the console, a few taps are all it takes to control your PS5 remotely! 📱➡️🎮💤

Is It Safe to Unplug the PS5 While It Is Still On?

Let’s talk about unplugging your PS5. You might be tempted to just yank that power cord out while the console is still on, but hold on a second! That’s actually not a great idea. Here’s why:

Why You Shouldn’t Unplug Your PS5 When It’s On

  1. Risk of Losing Game Progress: If you’re in the middle of a game and suddenly unplug your PS5, you could lose all the progress you’ve made since your last save. That’s like climbing a mountain and then sliding all the way back down!
  2. Interrupting Downloads or Updates: If your PS5 is busy downloading a game or updating itself and you unplug it, you might lose those downloads or corrupt the update. This is like trying to bake a cake and turning off the oven halfway through – it just won’t work out well.

What About Rest Mode?

  • Even in Rest Mode, your PS5 is still technically on. It’s like it’s taking a nap but still listening out for any updates or downloads. So, unplugging it in Rest Mode is still risky.

The Safest Way to Unplug Your PS5

  • Fully Turn Off Your Console: Always make sure your PS5 is completely turned off before unplugging it. This means no blinking lights and no sounds. It’s like making sure someone is sound asleep before tiptoeing out of the room.

So, remember, patience is key! Always fully turn off your PS5 before unplugging it to keep your games, downloads, and the console itself safe and sound. 🎮🔌🚫✨

Wrapping It Up: Mastering Your PS5’s Power Options

So, there you have it! Whether you’re just stepping into the world of PS5 or you’re a seasoned gamer who’s navigated the realms of PS3 and PS4, you might have noticed that the PS5 dances to a slightly different beat, especially when it comes to turning it off. But no worries – now you’ve got all the know-how!

Saving battery life is a breeze now that you know how to turn off the pad. It’s all about keeping your gaming experience smooth and uninterrupted.

I’d love to hear from you! Which method do you prefer for turning off your PS5? And in what situations do you find it most useful to turn off your controller? Drop your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below. Let’s share and learn from each other’s gaming journeys!

Remember, every gamer has their own style, and now you’re equipped with all the options to make your PS5 experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Happy gaming! 🎮🌟👾

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