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Hey there, gamers! Ever wanted to show your friends just how much you love a certain game on your PS4? Or maybe you’re curious about how many hours you’ve actually spent playing your favorite titles. You might be scratching your head, wondering if there’s a way to find out exactly how many hours you’ve logged on your PS4. Well, even though your console doesn’t tell you this info straight away, don’t worry – there are tricks to uncover it!

Why Knowing Your Playtime is Cool

You might want to know your playtime for all sorts of reasons. Maybe you’re proud of how much time you’ve dedicated to a game and want to share it with your friends. Or perhaps you’re just curious about how many hours you’ve spent in the gaming world. Whatever the reason, it’s pretty neat to have this information at your fingertips.

Now, let’s dive into the fun part: I’m going to show you how you can find out how many hours you’ve played on your PS4. It’s easier than you think, and I promise to keep it simple and fun! Let’s get started. 🎮🕒

Can You See Time Played on PS4?

So, you might be thinking, “Can I actually see how many hours I’ve played on my PS4?” Well, here’s the thing: Sony, the company that made the PS4, hasn’t made it super easy to track your playtime. Unlike some other gaming systems, the PS4 itself doesn’t have a feature that lets you pull up a report showing how many hours you’ve spent playing each game or when you logged in and out.

Now, you might have heard about the “My PlayStation” website. It’s a place where you can check out your public PlayStation profile online. But here’s the catch: while this website is pretty cool for seeing your gaming achievements like trophies, and how many friends you have on PlayStation, it doesn’t show you your playtime. Bummer, right?

But don’t lose hope just yet! Even though Sony hasn’t made it straightforward, there are still some ways to figure out how much time you’ve spent on your favorite games. Stay tuned, and I’ll tell you all about them!

How to See Hours Played on PS4

Okay, so you’re probably wondering, “How on earth do I find out how many hours I’ve played on my PS4?” Good news! Even though your PS4 console itself doesn’t tell you this, you can still find out using a web browser. It involves a bit of a workaround using something called parental controls. Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it step by step.

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Setting Up Your PlayStation Account

First things first, you need to have your own PlayStation account. If you don’t have one yet, no problem! You can set one up even if you don’t own a PlayStation. Once you have your account ready, there’s an option to add a ‘Family Member.’ This is usually for parents to manage their kids’ gaming, but we’re going to use it to track playtime.

Link Your Accounts

After adding a Family Member, you’ll need to link your accounts. Just follow the setup process – it’s pretty straightforward.

Visit the Family Management Settings

Now, the magic happens in the Family Management settings on Sony’s website. Here’s how to get there:

  1. Head over to the Family Management settings on Sony’s website.
  2. Once you’re there, click on ‘Family Management’ in the side menu.
  3. Now, you’ll see an option to view ‘Time Played’ under the account name.

What You’ll See

This method won’t tell you every detail about what was played or when, but it will show you how much time was played today. It’s not perfect, but it’s a neat trick to see your gaming hours!

How to Manage Your Activity Feed

Ever thought about managing what others can see about your gaming activities on your PS4? Maybe there are some trophies or games you’re not ready to share, or maybe you just want a bit more privacy. Whatever the reason, controlling your activity feed is super easy, and I’m here to guide you through it!

Adjusting Your Settings Online

First up, let’s handle what’s shared online through your Sony Account:

  1. Log In to Sony Account: Jump onto your web browser and log into your Sony Account.
  2. Find PSN Privacy Settings: Once logged in, look for ‘PSN Privacy Settings’ and give it a click.
  3. Dive into Gaming | Media: Here’s where the magic happens. Click on ‘Gaming | Media’.
  4. Make Your Edits: Now, you’ll see various options like activities, trophies, friends list, and the games you own. To change who can see these, just hit the ‘Edit’ button next to each option.

Removing Certain Activities on Your PS4

If there’s something specific in your activity feed you don’t want anyone to see, here’s how to make it disappear:

  1. Start Your PS4 and Go to Profile Settings: Power up your PS4 and head over to your Profile settings.
  2. Privacy Settings Time: Look for ‘Change Privacy Settings’ and select it.
  3. Gaming | Media Again: Just like before, click on ‘Gaming | Media’.
  4. Focus on Activity: Find the ‘Activity’ section and select it.
  5. Choose What to Delete: Scroll through your activities and pick the one you want to remove.
  6. Hit Options: After selecting the activity, press the ‘Options’ button.
  7. Delete and Relax: From here, you can delete the activity. Once deleted, it’s no longer visible to your friends.
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Sign up for the PSN Newsletter

Did you know that sometimes you can find out about your total gaming hours through the PlayStation Network (PSN) newsletter? It’s a monthly email that not only gives you cool personalized info but also special offers and sometimes, a sneak peek at your gaming hours. It’s not a sure thing, but it’s a fun way to possibly keep track of your playtime.

How to Get Those Newsletters

Ready to sign up for the PSN newsletter? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Log Into Your Sony Account: Start by going to your Sony Account online and logging in.
  2. Find Notification Settings: Once you’re logged in, look for ‘Notification Settings’.
  3. Tick and Save: In the Notification Settings, you’ll see a tick box. Click on that, and then don’t forget to hit the ‘Save’ button.

And that’s it! Now you’re all set to receive the PSN newsletter. Keep an eye on your email, and who knows? You might just get a glimpse of how many hours you’ve spent on your favorite games!

How Do You Check Game History on PS4?

Are you curious about what games you’ve played on your PS4, when you played them, or how much time you’ve spent on each one? Well, you’re in luck! There are a few cool ways to check out your game history on your PS4. This can be super helpful if you want to brag about your total playtime, remember what games you have, or just want to download an old favorite again. You can do this right from your PlayStation, or even from the PS App. Let’s dive into how!

1. Library Tab: Your Gaming Treasure Chest

  • Find the Library Tab: On your PS4, scroll all the way to the right until you hit the Library tab. It’s past all your games, Netflix, and the PS Store.
  • Explore Games and Purchases: Once you’re in the Library app, click on either the ‘Games’ tab or the ‘Purchased’ tab. Want to know when you bought a game? Just click on it!
  • Add More Apps: You can always add more stuff to this tab by clicking on the PlayStation Store app. (And hey, don’t forget to check out our other article about the best PlayStation Apps!)

2. Trophy List: Show Off Your Achievements

  • Top Bar Trophy List: Your trophies are waiting for you in the top bar. Give it a click and explore!
  • Dive into Game and Trophy Details: You’ll see info about the games you’ve played and the trophies you’ve earned. Curious about when you got a specific trophy? Just click on it!
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3. Game Files: The Nitty-Gritty Details

  • Accessing Save Data: Go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Upload to Online Storage on your PS4.
  • Breaking Down Your Playtime: After selecting a game, press the Options button and go to ‘Information’. This shows you your playtime and game history.
  • Note on Saved Data: Remember, this won’t show saved data for every game, but it will at least show when you downloaded a game and when your last save/auto-save was.

Exploring Time Played on the PS5

If you’ve got your hands on the latest console, you’re in for some good news. We all know how tricky it was to track your gaming hours on the PS4, but guess what? The PS5 has made it way easier to see how many hours you’ve spent in your gaming adventures. And if you love showing off your gaming dedication, you’re going to love this feature!

How to Check Your Gaming Hours on PS5

  • Start with Your Profile: On your PS5, click on your Profile icon. It’s your gateway to your gaming world!
  • Click on Games: After opening your profile, click on ‘Games’.
  • See Your Playtime for Each Game: Under each game listed, you’ll see the number of hours you’ve spent playing it. That’s right, for every single game!

This simple feature on the PS5 is something gamers have been waiting for, and it’s just one more awesome reason to consider upgrading your console. So, if you’re on a PS5, go ahead and take a peek at your gaming hours. It’s super cool to see how much time you’ve put into each game!

Wrapping Up: Finding Your PS4 and PS5 Playtime

Alright, so we’ve talked a lot about finding out how much time you’ve spent on your PS4 and PS5 games. It’s a bit of a bummer that it’s not super straightforward to get this info directly from your console, but hey, we’ve found some pretty cool workarounds, right? From using apps to checking out those end-of-year wrap-ups, there are still ways to uncover your gaming stats.

Think about it – knowing how long you’ve played games like ‘Final Fantasy’ can be really fun! It’s like having your own gaming diary.

Share Your Tips and Tricks

Got your own secret method for tracking game time on your PS4 or PS5? Or maybe you’ve clocked an impressive number of hours on a game? We’d love to hear about it! Drop your thoughts and your gaming achievements in the comments section below. Don’t be shy – we’re all gamers here, and we definitely won’t judge. In fact, we might even be a little impressed!

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