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So, you know when we chat about laser printers, we often dive deep into stuff about toners, right? But here’s the thing – sometimes, your printer might flash a message saying “Drum Stop.” And after you pop in a new drum, you might be scratching your head, thinking, “Now what?”

Don’t worry! No matter if you’re a printer pro or a total newbie, I’m here to guide you on how to reset the drum on your Brother printer. There are a couple of little things to watch out for, but together, we’ll get it sorted. Ready? Let’s dive in! 🚀

Brother Toners and Drum Units Come Separately

Alright, friends, let’s chat a bit about how some printers are built. Some brands make printers where the toner (that’s the stuff that puts the ink on the paper) and the drum (the part that helps the toner do its job) are stuck together. But Brother printers? They’re a bit different.

In a Brother laser printer, the toner and drum aren’t buddies that come together. They’re like two separate pieces of a puzzle. This means when you’re changing them, you gotta handle them one by one.

How Often Do You Change the Drum?

Imagine you’ve got a candy jar, and every time it empties, you fill it up. After a few refills, the jar might get a little worn out, and you’d want a shiny new one, right? Similarly, after changing the Brother toner about 3 to 4 times, you’ll need a fresh drum.

Your printer is super smart. When the drum needs changing, it’ll yell (well, not really yell, but you get me), with messages like:

  • Replace Drum
  • Drum End Soon
  • Drum Stop

How To Reset Drum On Brother Printers?

First off, let’s get something straight: Brother printers are smart cookies. They have this nifty little thing called a ‘page counter.’ It’s like a mini diary that remembers how many pages you’ve printed. But here’s the catch: when you pop in a new drum, this counter doesn’t automatically go, “Oh, new drum? Let me start counting from scratch!” Nope. You have to tell it to start over.

Remember This Golden Rule

Before we jump in, always remember one golden rule: Only reset the drum page counter when you’ve put in a new drum. If you skip the new drum and just reset the counter, your printer will get all sorts of confused about how much life the drum has left. And trust me, confused printers are no fun.

Different Brother Printers, Different Reset Steps

Now, Brother, being the cool brand it is, has loads of printer models all over the world. And guess what? Many of these models have their unique dance steps for resetting the drum. That’s why checking your printer’s manual is super important.

But, to keep things simple, let’s group Brother laser printers into four categories based on their control panels or screens:

  1. The Minimalist: No screen or panel
  2. The Simple Life: A tiny LCD with basic controls
  3. The Classic: LCD screen with a bunch of number buttons
  4. The Fancy Pants: A touchscreen AND a keypad

Alright, with those in mind, let’s dive into how to reset the drum for each type! 🕺👇

1. Brother Printers Without a Screen

For those who have those sleek, compact Brother printers (like some from the old-school HL series), they’re simple and straight to the point. No screens, just some blinking lights to communicate.

How to Reset the Drum:

  1. First off, ensure the printer is powered ON. Got it? Cool.
  2. Open up the front cover of your printer. Easy, right?
  3. Now, find the GO button and press and hold it.
  4. As you do this, wait a sec and watch as all the little LEDs light up in a row, kinda like a mini light show.
  5. Once they’re all lit, give the GO button one more push, then close up the front cover.

Voila! Your drum should be reset. But hey, if your printer’s still acting a bit moody, it might be time to ring up someone who knows a bit more about printers. No shame in that!

2. Brother Printers with an LCD (No Numeric Keypad)

Now, if your Brother printer has a tiny LCD screen (think of it as its little way of talking to you) but no numeric keypad, you’re in this category. A lot of the DCP Brother printer series are like this.

How to Give the Drum a Fresh Start:

  1. Start by opening the front cover. Keep the printer powered ON, okay?
  2. Search for the OK button and give it a long press. After a while, you’ll see “Drum Unit” pop up on that little screen.
  3. Now, press OK again. Almost there!
  4. Use the UP arrow button to tell your printer, “Hey, I’ve changed the drum, let’s start fresh!” This is basically your drum reset command.

3. Brother Printers with an LCD (With Numeric Keypad)

Alrighty! If your Brother printer has a screen and also a bunch of number buttons (like on a phone), then this section’s for you. These printers are usually bigger and belong to the MFC series. Don’t worry, resetting the drum here is just as simple!

How to Reset the Drum:

  1. First, keep that printer ON and swing open the front cover.
  2. You’ll see an error message. To make it go away, press the “Clear” button. Think of it as saying, “I got this!”
  3. Now, simply press the number 1 on the keypad. This is like telling your printer, “Let’s start over with the drum!”
  4. Wait a moment, and you’ll see an “Accepted” message. This is your printer’s way of saying, “Alright, I got you!” Close the front cover after that.

4. Brother Printers with a Touchscreen

These are the big guns, the high-tech ones. Having a Brother printer with a touchscreen is like having a mini computer. It’s super interactive and makes things super easy, especially when resetting the drum.

Steps to Give Your Drum a Fresh Start:

  1. Start by tapping on the big X (cancel) button on the screen. This is just to clear out any pesky drum error messages.
  2. Next, tap on “Settings.” Imagine it as the control room of your printer.
  3. Dive a bit deeper by selecting “All Settings.”
  4. Here’s where the touchscreen really shines! Use those arrow icons to scroll down to the “Parts Life” section. This section tells you how all the parts of your printer (like the drum) are doing.
  5. Now, find the # sign on the panel and give it a long press. Ta-da! A “Reset Menu” will pop up on the screen.
  6. From there, select “Drum.” The screen will ask if you’re sure about resetting. Confirm by tapping on “Yes.”

Resetting the Drum on Your Brother Printer – Take It Slow

So, you’ve made it through the steps, and now you’re ready to tackle the drum reset for your Brother printer. Kudos to you! 🌟 Remember, it’s just like learning a new recipe or putting together a puzzle – a bit of patience, and you’ll get there.

A Couple of Handy Tips to Remember:

  • Keep the Door Open! – For some Brother printer models, it’s like inviting someone into your home. You need to keep the front door (or in this case, the front cover) open as you start the reset process. It’s just how they like it!
  • Gentle Touch – Think of your printer as a delicate piece of art. You wouldn’t yank a painting off the wall or push a sculpture too hard, right? Similarly, when you’re dealing with the printer parts, gentle is the way to go. Everything is built to slide and click smoothly. So, no need to use Hulk strength here!

Wrapping It Up: Your Printer’s New Lease on Life

And there we are, at the finish line! Resetting the drum on your Brother printer might seem like a techie task at first, but with the right guidance and a touch of patience, it’s a breeze. Just remember to treat your printer with care, follow the steps for your specific model, and you’ll ensure your printer stays in top-notch condition for all those future printing tasks. So here’s to many more flawless prints and a happy, humming printer! 🖨️🎈 Happy printing!

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