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How To Repair Air Products – Step By Step Instructions


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From time to time, all the precautions to stop the hole in the air products that you use fail and problem occurs. The below given guide provides step-by-step detailed instructions that help you fix the hole.

Tell us if you have found another way to do this.

#Step 1:

Find the hole or damaged area, use warm soapy water in a spray bottle to easily identify any leaks in the air product. Mark the area then deflate the air product.

#Step 2:

Clean and dry the area and using masking tape mark out an area equal to the size of patch you plan to use.

#Step 3:

Apply the glue provided to the patch and the marked out area on the air product.

#Step 4:

Let the glue dry for 2 minutes. It should feel tacky to touch. Remove the masking tape ready to apply the patch.

#Step 5:

Apply the patch to the glued area, you should have the semi dry glue on both the air product and the patch.

#Step 6:

Using a small roller or something smooth and flat apply pressure to the patch ensuring the glue has completely spread over the full area and is completely stuck down.

#Step 7:

Once the patch is completely stuck down let the glue dry for 2-3 hours in a warm dry place.

#Step 8:

Re-inflate the air product and check the patch isn’t leaking by using the soapy water spray. If the patch is leaking deflate the air product and re-glue any area of the patch that is letting air out. Repeat until the patch is airtight.

How To Repair Air Products

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  1. Julie says

    Do you sell the patch’s to repair air tracks? I already own one and was not supplied with a repair kit on purchase , now my daughters track has a hole in it and I am unable to find someone who sells the repair kits/patches..
    please help!!

  2. Maddie Shekleton says

    If you leave an air track out in the sun for too long can the glue that holds it together melt? My air track is slowly deflating after I inflate it, we don’t think there is a hole because we have searched. My dad thinks it is because we left it out in the sun too long. WHAT DO I DO?

  3. Belicia Hiatt says

    Do we have to buy certain types of patches.

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