Silvermoon City in WoW Classic TBC: How to Reach?

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how to reach to silvermoon city in wow classic tbc

Silvermoon now serves as the capital of the blood elves. These elves named this place as theirs. Magic helped them with claiming that Grand Magister Rommath taught them. You can reach the city using various ways. Here we will write to you the most effective ways.

In the World of Warcraft Classic, those who have a particular interest in gemcraffting want to enter Silvermoon. Every player can follow these tricks mentioned below. However, let’s have some sneak peek into how Silvermoon came into existence.

The Existence of Silvermoon

This takes us back to thousands of years ago when high elves arrived. They first saw Silvermoon and decided to make it theirs. The built is like the kaldorei empire. The construction consisted of white stone and greenery, making it an amazing landscape.

There was a center to learn magic, the great Arcane Magic and Sunstrider Spire. It was named Academies of Silvermoon and also became the main landscape. This was the majestic place of the elves. The town didn’t even receive a scratch when the second war happened. All of this became possible because of elven magi, who was the owner of certain powers and crafted a barrier for the protection of Silvermoon.

Unfortunately, the city couldn’t save its shine after the third war. The death knight Arthas wanted to reach Sunwell and destroyed the region to fulfill his wishes. Almost everyone was killed and the High Elven King was terminated too. Then the rulers kept it for a while and left it when they had used all its resources.

Now let’s talk about your journey to Silvermoon.

Silvermoon Portal

You need to acquire Level 40, then you need to look out for a mage simply. This is how you can reach there in no time. Blizzard has lowered the price of clone characters which would put you at ease. When the maze is there, the portal or the way opens up that takes you to Silvermoon. However, of course, a certain fee has to be paid. Save some time and earn money to pay the fee.

Sepulcher of the first ones heroic boost is here to let the players achieve the raid. The jailor is the target boss players need to kill. However, no worries if you don’t want to spend your time running the raid, the professional players play on your behalf and make you victorious with the bosses killed along with loot items collected.

Eastern Plaguelands

The second and slightly difficult way is the Eastern Plaguelands. Here the players need to move to the northern part of the Eastern Plaguelands. From there, achieve Ghostlands, which will finally lead to Silvermoon. This will be challenging since it is the utmost secure area.

Hence players should be confident enough to battle these mobs and consider it your last option if possible.

Shattrath Portal

Shattrath comes as a pretty possible way to reach Silvermoon. This is a portal that comprises several cities, not just Silvermoon. So even when you want access to other cities like Orgrimmar, this is your portal. However, only the high-level players should access this portal because the end of an area feels much similar to Plaguelands.

So if you are not confident enough, it is better to avoid this. Else, you might lose all the progress just to check if you can pass the difficulty level or not.

Lordaeron Ruins

As another alternative, players can head to Orb of Translocation. This will help you reach Silvermoon once you have arrived at Ruins of Lordaeron, which is beyond Tirisfal Glades. You will see the stairs that will guide you to the Orb room. Here you don’t have to face any conflict; the way is pretty stable and straight, leading you directly to Silvermoon.

Many players like Silvermoon because it provides them training about the Jewelcrafting profession. This is the only place for Horde where they will find a trainer to handle the gems.

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