How To Quote Someone On Discord On A PC Or Mobile Device

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Hey there! Let me tell you about something super cool called Discord. It’s this free app that gamers all over the world use to talk to each other. Imagine a place where you can meet and chat with people who love the same video games as you do. That’s Discord for you! It started back in 2015, and since then, millions of players have joined to talk about their favorite games and other fun stuff.

One of the best parts about Discord is how you can make your messages look awesome. You can make words bold, italicize them, or even underline them. This is super handy because it lets you show off your personality when you’re chatting with friends.

But there was one thing everyone wanted and couldn’t do for a long time: quoting what someone else said. You know, like when you want to respond to a specific message someone sent? Other chat apps like Slack have this feature, but Discord was a bit behind. People had to use tricky ways like code blocks or special chatbots to quote someone.

Things have changed big time in the last year. Guess what? Now you can quote people right in Discord, just like in other apps! This is a game-changer and makes chatting so much easier. Let me show you how it works.

How To Quote Messages In Discord

Let’s dive into how you can become a quoting master on Discord! You’ll be happy to know that it’s pretty easy and works the same whether you’re on your phone (iOS or Android) or sitting at your desktop. In this guide, I’ll focus mostly on how to do it on mobile, but don’t worry, it’s pretty much the same on desktop too.

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Easy Steps to Quote Messages on Discord

Here’s your simple guide to quoting in Discord:

  1. Find the Message: First, find the message you want to quote.
  2. Copy It: Just copy that message.
  3. Start Your Quote: In the chat box, type the “>” symbol and then hit the space key. You’ll see a line appear, which means you’re ready to quote.
  4. Paste the Message: Now, paste the message you copied right after that line.
  5. Send It Off: Finally, press enter to send your message. If you want to tag someone in your quote, just press Shift + Enter, then backspace, and type their @username.

Need more detail? Keep reading for the lowdown on single-line and multi-line quotes.

#1 Single-line Quotes on Discord

Single-line quotes are perfect when you want to quote something short and sweet, like a single sentence. It’s super easy:

  • Just type “>” and then a space.
  • Next, type or paste your quote.
  • It’ll look something like this in the app:

#2 Multi-line Quotes on Discord

Got something longer to quote, like a whole paragraph or more? No problem, that’s where multi-line quotes come in handy:

  • Start with typing “>>>” and then a space.
  • Everything you type after that will be part of the quote until you send the message or erase the “>>>”.
  • Here’s how it’ll appear in the app:

A little note for desktop users: quoting works a tad differently. Both “>” and “>>>” do multi-line quotes by default. To switch back to regular text, just hit Return and then Backspace.

And that’s all you need to know about quoting in Discord! With these tips, you’ll be quoting like a pro in no time. 🌟🎮👍

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Using Code Blocks To Quote Somebody On Discord

Did you know you can use code blocks in Discord to quote someone? This method is a bit different and works only on PC, but it’s a neat trick!

How to Use Code Blocks for Quoting

Code blocks are usually for showing off code in a neat and tidy way. But, we can get a bit creative and use them for quoting too. Here’s how:

  1. Find Your Quote: Choose the sentence or phrase you want to quote.
  2. Wrap it in Backticks: Put your quote between two backtick ( ` ) symbols. Remember, no spaces between the text and the backticks!

    Example: `Your quote here` (just like this but without spaces).

When you do this, your phrase pops into a code block. It’s not the typical way to quote, but it looks pretty similar and does the job.

Multi-line Quotes with Code Blocks

Got a longer quote? You can use code blocks for that too! Just make sure it’s formatted correctly to fit into multiple lines.

The Bot Alternative

Now, if you’re really into quoting the traditional way, some Discord channels have special bots. These bots can add a quoting feature and other cool stuff. However, the channel admins need to set these bots up. If you’re an admin or know one, adding a bot like this can make quoting super easy for everyone in the channel.

And there you have it! With these tips, you can start quoting away on Discord, whether it’s using the built-in feature or getting a bit creative with code blocks. Happy chatting and quoting! 🌟💬👾

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In Conclusion To

Guess what? Discord is like a playground for customization! It’s not just about chatting and gaming; you can make Discord look and feel exactly how you want. Let’s check out how you can do that.

First off, Discord has some cool built-in options. You can switch up themes, tweak font sizes, and zoom in on texts. This means you can make Discord look cool and easy on your eyes at the same time.

Now, for those who really want to get fancy, there’s something called BetterDiscord. It’s like a super-charged version of Discord. With BetterDiscord, you can download custom themes that other people have made or even change other parts of the app. It’s all about making your Discord experience uniquely yours.

Here’s the really cool part: Discord has an open API. That means if you’re into coding, you can create your own versions of Discord. Imagine making a Discord that looks and works just how you want it to!

The best thing about Discord is that your creativity is the limit. If you know how to code, the sky’s the limit. You can tweak, twist, and turn Discord into anything you can dream up. And the cherry on top? Most of these custom creations are shared online for free. So, you can try out cool new features that other clever people have come up with.

And that’s the beauty of Discord. Whether you’re just chatting, quoting, or going full coder mode, there’s something for everyone. So, dive in, get creative, and make your Discord experience as unique as you are! 🌈🕹️💻🚀🎨

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