How To Pick The Best Bluetooth Speaker in 2021

Issac Glantz
By Issac Glantz 4 Min Read
how to pick best bluetooth speaker

Step one in choosing the best Bluetooth speaker in 2021 is to determine exactly what you want to use the speaker for. Some Bluetooth speakers might be for use in the home – other ones might be for the outdoors, listening while you’re barbecuing outdoors, etc., other ones might include a portable speaker for when you’re traveling.

Before it’s possible to determine the best Bluetooth speaker for you, you should figure out what it is needed for. The best speaker for the home might not be the best for traveling, as the two requirements are completely different. Here are three suggestions for how to select the best portable speaker:

Battery life of a speaker

Battery life is a vital aspect to take into consideration. You do not want to be recharging the Bluetooth speaker every hour. The speaker ought to have the ability to last as long as you think you will need it. The smaller speakers usually have smaller batteries and do not last as long, yet some of the bigger ones may expect to last for up to 24 hours. The most common lengths of functionality might be 4 – 10 hours, and it’ll be specified as average battery life. The reason for that is that the louder you play your speaker, the more energy it will use up and the battery will only last so long before it must be recharged. But while purchasing a Bluetooth speaker, be certain the battery life is long enough for what’s needed. Also, keep in mind that the Li-ion batteries shouldn’t be fully discharged; therefore, charge them before using your speaker, and do not leave it discharged.

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The audio quality of the speaker

Of course, it’s great to have a speaker that also sounds good. Frequently they give specs for overall harmonic distortion and it’s good to aim for below one percent. Some Bluetooth speakers won’t provide a specification for this; therefore, you might want to listen to it. The frequency response is also important. Some Bluetooth’s sound better than other ones and this is usually as a result of better frequency response. Figures include the bottom and top frequencies heard before the response rolls away. Figures such as 100 Hz – 20 kHz may be seen. The 20 kHz is the top frequency, and the 100 Hz point is the low frequency. The majority of people can’t hear up to 20 kHz, especially as we age, so the top frequency isn’t as important. The point of low frequency indicates the bass level we may expect – the lower it gets, the better.

Bang and Olufsen Style

There are several different styles available for Bluetooth speakers. That means it’s possible to select the style which best suits your needs, like the Bang and Olufsen style.

There’s a big variety of speakers available to purchase from different outlets. Some are inexpensive, while other ones are quite expensive. Depending upon what your needs are, invest in the best you can because the performance and quality will be better.

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