How to Market Your Tech Company

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how to market your tech company

If you have a tech company or startup, marketing is going to be your key to generating more business and, in turn, more revenue. However, knowing everything there is to know about tech doesn’t always mean that you have the right tools to market your product in the best way. If you don’t want to hire an outsourced CMO or create a marketing team within your company, here are some helpful tips for marketing your tech company on your own.

Tell a Story

Sometimes all of the tech jargon and terms can be a lot to take in while also trying to learn about your product, and it is important to keep in mind that your entire target audience is not going to be as tech-savvy as you are. One way to grab people’s attention is to begin by telling a story. This usually works best in a video format because you can convey engaging content without relying on people to read a bunch of words. You could talk about how and why you came up with the product and the problem you are trying to solve with it.

Telling a relatable story about your product will get people interested in how it can help them. It also shows them that you are a real person who goes through the same struggles as you do. Make sure the story is engaging and easy to understand. Once you have hooked your audience, you can delve into the details and tech terms.

Create Useful Content

Another helpful way to strategize your marketing is to attract people with useful information. Consumers are more likely to trust someone who has already made their life easier or taught them something new. If you produce content for your page that is useful, people are going to trust your product and brand even more. You can produce videos that teach people things in general or begin videos about a product you sell with some information as to why it is so useful.

Reviews and Testimonials

Consumers want to hear what other buyers are saying about a product they want to purchase, so giving them exactly what they need to make the final decision on a product can be a helpful nudge in the right direction. You can use client testimonials, as well as peer endorsements from well-known brands and companies. If someone trusts one brand, and that brand says they like your product, that person is going to be more likely to check out your website and make a purchase.

Influencer Marketing

Today, influencers have a lot of power over who is buying what products. In many cases, all a social media personality has to do is mention that they use a product, and their followers will flock to that company’s website. If you want to utilize the powerful tool of influencer marketing for your company, you first need to determine who your target audience is.

Once you understand who you should be targeting, figure out what influencers these people are following. For example, there is no point in marketing your niche tech product to the audience of an influencer who creates makeup tutorials. However, you might want to have an influencer who makes content about tech or whose followers tend to be interested in tech.

Using influencers also builds social credibility for your brand. People who are fans of certain social media personalities are more likely to trust their opinion of something than that of most people. In the technology space on social media, you can usually use the relationships you form with influencers to attend and be a part of in-person events. These influencers usually host live speaking events, appear at conferences, and more that would give you an opportunity to market your product in person.

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