How To Manage Subtitles For Paramount+ (All Major Devices)

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Hey there! Ever wanted to watch your favorite movie or TV show without any noise? Subtitles are your best friend for this! Just like when you’re reading a book and watching the story unfold, subtitles on Paramount+ let you enjoy your shows in peace and quiet. And guess what? Paramount+, like other cool streaming services, makes it super easy to switch subtitles on and off.

But wait, there’s more! You can totally personalize how the subtitles look to match exactly how you like watching your shows. In the next parts, I’m going to show you how you can turn on the magic of subtitles on different devices when using Paramount+. Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

How to Turn Paramount+ Subtitles On and Off

Have you ever had trouble with subtitles while watching Paramount+? Maybe they didn’t show up on your device, or you found yourself having to turn them on for every movie or show. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Some other users have had these hiccups too.

The good news is, these problems are usually just temporary. Most of the time, they get fixed pretty quickly. If you’re still having trouble, a quick update of your app or device might do the trick. Ready to master the art of turning subtitles on and off on all your cool streaming gadgets? Let’s check out how to do it!

Turn Subtitles On/Off from a Fire TV Stick Device

Launch Paramount+, find the content you want to watch and play it. While the stream is on, press the pause or menu button, and you should be able to see a dialog box. It’s in the upper-left corner of the screen.

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Use the arrow keys on your remote to navigate to the dialog box and select it. You must choose the Subtitles and Audio (Closed Captioning) menu and toggle the option on or off.

Mastering Subtitles on Paramount+ Across Different Devices

Fire Up Subtitles on Your Fire TV Stick

  • Step 1: Turn on your Paramount+ and pick a show or movie. Start playing it.
  • Step 2: Hit pause or press the menu button. Look for a dialog box in the upper-left corner of your screen.
  • Step 3: Use your remote’s arrow keys to select this dialog box. Here, you’ll find the ‘Subtitles and Audio’ menu. You can switch the subtitles on or off from here.

Quick Tip for Fire TV Stick Users: Sometimes, you might only see an ‘Audio’ option and no subtitles. No stress! This is a common issue. Just navigate to the CC (Closed Captioning) dialog box. If it’s not there, pause your video and it should show up.

Roku: A Breeze for Subtitles

  • Step 1: Play the movie or show on Paramount+.
  • Step 2: Press the asterisk button (it looks like a tiny star) on your remote. This will open the side menu where you’ll find closed captioning options.
  • Step 3: To turn off subtitles for your current video, just choose ‘Don’t show closed captioning.’ You can also explore other subtitle settings like ‘On Always,’ ‘On Mute,’ ‘Off,’ or ‘On Replay.’

Remember for Roku: Changing subtitles here doesn’t affect other devices. So, you might need to adjust settings again on your phone or computer.

Subtitles on Android and iOS – Easy Peasy!

The Paramount+ app works pretty much the same on both Android and iOS, so here’s a universal guide:

  • Step 1: Open the app and tap the hamburger icon (three lines) in the top left.
  • Step 2: Head to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Closed Captions.’
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen steps to toggle subtitles on or off. To do this, start your show, tap the screen to see the sub-menu, and then tap the ‘Settings cog’ in the top right corner.
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Browser Buffs, Here’s Your Guide

The process is similar for PC and Mac users:

  • Step 1: Open your browser and log in to Paramount+.
  • Step 2: Start playing your chosen content, then hit pause.
  • Step 3: Click on the ‘CC icon’ (before the gear icon) in the upper right. This opens a menu for enabling or disabling subtitles and tweaking display preferences. And the best part? You see changes instantly on your screen!

Smart TV Users, You’re Up!

Turning on subtitles on smart TVs is a lot like using a web client:

  • Step 1: Pause your show or movie.
  • Step 2: A ‘CC icon’ will pop up. Navigate to it to turn on the subtitles.

Remember: Your TV’s subtitles need to be enabled too. The upcoming sections will guide you through this.

Subtitles on Different Smart TVs for Paramount+ Fans

Samsung Smart TVs: Get Subtitles On in a Snap!

  1. Start at Home: Go to your TV’s home screen and open the Settings.
  2. Find the Right Spot: Choose General and then Accessibility.
  3. Toggle the Subtitles: In Accessibility, go to Caption Settings and then select Caption to turn subtitles on or off. A little circle turns green when the subtitles are on. After that, open Paramount+ and turn on the captions there.

LG Smart TVs: Subtitles Made Easy

  1. Home Button Magic: Use your remote, hit the home button, and select the settings icon.
  2. Go to Accessibility: Scroll to the Accessibility menu and select it.
  3. Subtitles On or Off: Choose Closed Caption and pick your preferred option. Launch Paramount+ after this, and your choice should apply there too!

Panasonic Smart TVs: A Different Approach

  • Not Direct, But Possible: Currently, Paramount+ isn’t directly supported on Panasonic smart TVs. But, if you have a streaming device or console like AppleTV, Chromecast, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4 connected, you can still enjoy Paramount+ shows.
  • Future Hope: Keep an eye out! Paramount+ might support Panasonic TVs directly in the future.

Sony Smart TVs (Bravia): Android Power

  1. Home and Settings: Press the home button on your remote and select the briefcase icon for settings.
  2. Subtitle Settings: Choose Digital Set-upSubtitle Set-upSubtitle Preferences. Here, you can turn subtitles on or off. Plus, there are visual aids for those with hearing impairments, although not all shows might have them.
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Vizio Smart TVs: Quick Subtitle Control

  1. Menu to the Rescue: Press the menu button on your remote, then go to Closed Captions and press OK.
  2. Choose Your Preference: Select On or Off and press OK again. Don’t forget to enable in-app subtitles on Paramount+ too!

Overall Tips for Paramount+ Subtitles

  • Room for Improvement: Paramount+ subtitles are generally easy to use, but there might be more cool features added in the future, especially in the customization and accessibility options of your devices.
  • Updates Bring More Fun: As Paramount+ updates, expect even better performance and more options for your subtitles!

Conclusion: Becoming a Subtitle Wizard on Paramount+

And there you have it, friends – your complete guide to mastering subtitles on Paramount+ across all your favorite devices! Whether you’re chilling with a Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio, or even using a streaming device with your Panasonic TV, you’re now equipped to handle subtitles like a pro.

Remember, subtitles aren’t just about reading what’s being said; they’re your key to enjoying shows and movies without missing a beat, especially when you need to keep the volume down. Plus, they’re super helpful for understanding what’s being said, no matter where you are or what you’re watching.

As you’ve seen, turning subtitles on and off is usually just a few clicks away. And while each device has its own little twist on how to do it, you’re now ready to tackle them all. Keep in mind that as Paramount+ keeps updating, you’ll see even cooler and more user-friendly features for subtitles. So, stay tuned and keep exploring!

Remember, your viewing adventure on Paramount+ is always in your control – subtitles and all. Happy watching, and may your streaming journey be full of awesome shows, movies, and perfectly timed subtitles!

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