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Hey there! Have you ever wanted to make your Discord messages stand out with more than just emojis, GIFs, and pictures? Well, you’re in luck! Discord has some cool tricks up its sleeve that many people don’t know about. It’s all about using Markdown formatting. This is a simple way to make your messages look awesome, whether you’re on a computer or using your mobile.

Markdown formatting in Discord lets you add style to your messages. Think of it like dressing up your text in bold, italics, or even putting it in a neat code block. Plus, there’s this super useful thing called spoiler tags.

Ever wanted to talk about the latest episode of your favorite show without ruining it for your friends? Spoiler tags are perfect for that. When you use them, your message gets covered with a grey or black box. This way, others only see your message if they choose to, keeping the surprise intact.

So, let’s dive into how you can use these cool features, starting with how to add spoiler tags to your messages in Discord. Stay tuned to become a Discord formatting pro! 🌟👾

How To Create a Spoiler Tag in Discord – Desktop

Are you ready to learn a neat trick on Discord? It’s about creating spoiler tags. Discord has made it super easy to use these tags, which are perfect for hiding spoilers or surprises in your messages. Let’s explore the two main ways to do this – both are really simple!

Method 1: Mark as Spoiler

Here’s how to quickly add a spoiler tag to your messages:

  1. Type Away: Write your message in the Discord chat box.
  2. Highlight Your Message: Use your mouse to select the text you want to hide. Just click and drag over it.
  3. Click the Eye Icon: You’ll see a little eye symbol pop up. Click it.
  4. Check the Bars: You should now see two vertical bars || around your text.
  5. Send It Off: Press Enter on your keyboard, and voila! Your message is sent with a spoiler tag.

Now, anyone in the chat will see your message, but the text will be hidden under a grey box. They need to click on it to see what you wrote. It’s like a secret message!

Method 2: Using Markdown Codes

Markdown codes are another cool way to add spoiler tags. This method is awesome because you don’t even need to take your hands off the keyboard. Here’s how:

  1. Start with Bars: Before typing your message, put two vertical bars (you can do this by pressing Shift + Back Slash).
  2. Type Your Message: Write what you want to say. No need for spaces between the bars and your text.
  3. End with Bars: After your message, put two more vertical bars.
  4. Hit Enter: Press Enter, and your message is sent with a spoiler tag.
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With these bars, your message gets wrapped in a spoiler tag. It remains a secret until someone clicks to unveil it. If your friends want to avoid spoilers, they can just avoid clicking on it. Now you know two easy ways to keep the suspense alive in your Discord chats! 🎉🕵️‍♂️

How to Hide Images & Attachments with Spoiler Tags

Sometimes you have a cool image or video clip that you want to share in Discord, but you’re not sure if everyone is ready to see it. No problem! You can use spoiler tags on both images and attachments, and it works on desktop and mobile devices. Here’s how you can do it.

How to Add Spoiler Tags to Images on Desktop

  1. Open Discord: Launch the Discord app and go to the server and channel where you want to share your image.
  2. Attach Your Image: Click the + icon to add an attachment. Select the file or image from your device that you want to upload.
  3. Mark as Spoiler: Before you hit the send button, look for the option to Mark as Spoiler. It usually appears as an eye icon.
  4. Send it Off: After clicking the spoiler option, your image will be hidden behind a spoiler tag.

Now, when someone in your chat wants to see what you’ve shared, they just need to click on the image to reveal it.

How to Add Spoiler Tags to Images on Mobile

Uploading an image from your phone and keeping it a surprise is just as easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Discord App: Start by opening Discord on your mobile.
  2. Select Your Channel: Head to the channel where you want to send your image. Tap the + icon to attach your image.
  3. Upload and Long-Press: Choose the image from your phone’s gallery and let it upload. Then, long-press on the uploaded image.
  4. Mark as Spoiler:
    • For iOS users: Tap the Mark as spoiler option.
    • For Android users: You’ll see the Mark as spoiler option listed in the menu.

After you’ve marked it as a spoiler, your image will be hidden until someone decides to take a peek. It’s a great way to keep the suspense or avoid giving away surprises in your chats. So, the next time you have a secret to share, don’t forget to use those handy spoiler tags! 📱🖼️🤫

How to Add Spoiler Tags on Discord Mobile

Discord is super handy because you can use it on the go, right from your phone. Whether you’re team Android or an iOS fan, adding spoiler tags in the mobile app is a breeze. Here’s how you can keep the suspense alive in your mobile chats, no matter which device you’re using.

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For Android Users: Spoiler Tags Made Easy

Android lovers, you’ve got a slightly different method for adding spoiler tags, but it’s still pretty straightforward. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Discord App: Launch Discord on your mobile and go to your chat.
  2. Get to Typing: Tap on the chat box to bring up your keyboard.
  3. Find the Vertical Bars: On your Android keyboard, tap the number symbol (usually in the left-hand corner) until you find the two vertical bars (||). This might be different depending on your keyboard app, but it’s usually there.
  4. Type Your Message: Place two vertical bars before and after your secret message.
  5. Send: Click the send icon, and your message is off with a spoiler tag!

Now, your friends will have to tap the message to see what you’ve written.

For iOS Users: Double the Fun with Two Methods

iOS users, you get two ways to add spoiler tags. Choose whichever you find easier!

Method 1: Using Markdown

  1. Open Your Chat: Tap on the chatbox in Discord to bring up your iPhone’s keyboard.
  2. Locate the Vertical Bars: Tap the ABC key, then the 123 key on your keyboard. Find the vertical bars (||).
  3. Type and Send: Write your message between two sets of vertical bars and hit the send arrow.

Method 2: In-Chat Menu

  1. Type Your Message: Open the Discord chat and type your message. No vertical bars needed this time.
  2. Highlight and Choose: Double-tap or long-press your text to highlight it. Drag the cursor to cover the part you want to hide. Then, select Mark as spoiler from the pop-up menu.
  3. Send Away: Hit the send arrow, and your spoiler-tagged message is on its way.

How to Disable Spoiler Tags

Got tired of spoiler tags in Discord? Whether you’re just browsing or managing a server, Discord gives you the power to control these tags. Let’s walk through the steps to deactivate spoilers so you can see all messages without any hidden surprises.

Accessing Spoiler Tag Settings

  1. Open Discord: Start by launching Discord.
  2. Settings Cog: Look for the settings cog icon next to your username at the bottom left corner. Click on it.
  3. Navigate to Text & Images: In the menu on the left, click on “Text & Images.”
  4. Find Spoiler Tag Options: Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the spoiler tag settings.

Understanding Your Options

In the spoiler tag menu, you’ll find three choices:

  1. On Click: This is like the universal spoiler blocker. It hides spoilers in every single channel you’re in, even the ones you don’t manage.
  2. On Servers I Moderate: Choose this if you’re an admin or moderator. It turns off spoiler tags on the servers you own or moderate.
  3. Always: This is the nuclear option. Select this, and spoiler tags will be a thing of the past for you. Spoilers will be visible by default in all your messages.
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Disabling spoiler tags can be great if you find them annoying. But remember, this means you might come across spoilers or sensitive content unexpectedly. So, weigh your options and choose wisely based on your browsing habits and the types of servers you’re in.

Add Text Effects With Markdown

Want to add some flair to your Discord messages? Beyond spoiler tags, Discord supports various Markdown tags to help you format your text creatively. Here’s a quick guide to using these Markdown tags to jazz up your chats.

Different Markdown Text Effects

  1. Italics: Make a phrase italic by wrapping it in single asterisks or underscores. Like this: *phrase* or _phrase_.
  2. Bold: For bold text, use double asterisks: **phrase**.
  3. Bold Italics: Combine bold and italics by using three asterisks: ***phrase***.
  4. Underline: Underline a phrase with an underscore: __phrase__.
  5. Underline Italics: Combine underline and italics by wrapping your phrase with an underscore and a single asterisk: __*phrase*__.
  6. Underline Bold: For bold and underlined text, use an underscore with double asterisks: __**phrase**__.
  7. Underline Bold Italics: Want all three? Bold, italics, and underline? Use this: __***phrase***__.
  8. Strikethrough: Cross out words with double tildes: ~~phrase~~.

Using Symbols Without Markdown Effects

Sometimes, you might want to use symbols like asterisks in your message without triggering Markdown effects. Here’s how:

  • Place a backslash (\) before the symbol. For example, \*phrase\* will show the asterisks without making the text italic.

Keep in mind, though, this backslash trick doesn’t work in messages with edits or underscores. So if you’re using underscores for formatting, the backslash won’t negate the Markdown effect.

Conclusion: Becoming a Discord Formatting Pro

And that’s a wrap! You’re now equipped with all the tricks and tips to master Discord formatting. From hiding spoilers with tags on both desktop and mobile to jazzing up your messages with Markdown text effects, you’ve learned how to make your Discord chats more engaging and fun. Remember, whether it’s keeping a surprise with a spoiler tag or adding emphasis with bold, italics, or strikethrough, these formatting options are there to enhance your communication and make your Discord experience unique.

As you dive back into your Discord conversations, feel free to experiment with these features. Whether you’re chatting casually with friends, discussing the latest games, or coordinating in a professional setting, these formatting tools can help convey your message more effectively. So go ahead, make your Discord messages stand out, and enjoy the creative freedom that comes with these handy features. Happy chatting, and may your Discord adventures be full of exciting and well-formatted conversations! 🚀💬🌈

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