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Minecraft Mastery: Crafting Smooth Stone

🎮 In Minecraft, learning how to make Smooth Stone isn’t just about building cool structures—it’s also about upgrading your game! With Smooth Stone, you can create a super-efficient furnace that uses less fuel. This handy guide is perfect for players on any platform, whether you’re gaming on a PC, console, or mobile. Let’s get crafting!

How to Get Smooth Stone in Minecraft

First Things First: Gather Your Cobblestone

  • Start your adventure by mining some Cobblestone. Aim to collect at least a few dozen blocks to get you started.

Crafting Your Furnace

  • Next, you’ll need a Furnace. Head to your Crafting Table. Don’t have one? No worries! Just use 4 Wood Planks of any type to make one.
  • To build your Furnace, arrange 8 Cobblestones in all the outer slots of the crafting grid, leaving the middle slot empty.

Setting Up Your Furnace

  • Place your Furnace on the ground and open it to see the smelting menu.
  • Place 1 Cobblestone in the top slot and your chosen fuel (like Coal or Wood) in the bottom slot.

Smelting Your Stone

  • Watch the progress bar fill up. Once it’s complete, take the newly made Stone and move it to your inventory.

Making Smooth Stone

  • Now, put the Stone you just smelted back into the top slot of the Furnace. Check if you need more fuel.
  • Wait for the bar to fill again, and voilà! Drag the Smooth Stone into your inventory.

What Do You Need to Make Smooth Stone?

🛠 Gathering Your Materials

  • Crafting Table: The starting point for all your crafting needs.
  • Cobblestones: You’ll need 8 Cobblestones to make a furnace, plus an extra one for each Smooth Stone you want to craft.
  • Fuel: Something to power the furnace, like Coal or Wood.

What Can You Do With Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

🏠 Building With Style

  • Smooth Stones and their thinner counterparts, Smooth Stone Slabs, are stylish building materials. You might even spot them in Minecraft houses!

Tool Tip: Remember, you’ll need a pickaxe to mine Smooth Stones effectively.

🔥 Upgrading Your Furnace

  • More than just a pretty block, Smooth Stone is essential for constructing an upgraded furnace. This special furnace is more efficient, helping you save on fuel!

How Make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft

🚀 Why a Blast Furnace?

A Blast Furnace smelts items twice as fast as a regular furnace, which means you only need half the fuel. Great for saving time and resources!

🔧 Materials Needed:

  • Iron Ingots: You need a total of 5 Iron Ingots. Don’t have any? Simply smelt Iron Ore in a regular Furnace to get Iron Ingots.
  • Smooth Stones: Collect 3 Smooth Stones by smelting Cobblestone twice.
  • 1 Regular Furnace: If you don’t have one, make it using 8 Cobblestones in a crafting grid.

🛠 Crafting Your Blast Furnace:

  • Top Row: Place 3 Iron Ingots across the top three slots of your Crafting Table.
  • Middle Row: Place an Iron Ingot in the first slot, your regular Furnace in the middle slot, and another Iron Ingot in the third slot.
  • Bottom Row: Fill this row with 3 Smooth Stones.

Final Step: Once all the materials are in place, the Blast Furnace will appear. Drag it into your inventory, and you’re ready to smelt like a pro!

How to Make Smooth Stone Slabs in Minecraft

  • To make Smooth Stone Slabs, just head over to your Crafting Table.
  • Place 3 Smooth Stones in a row. That’s it! You’ve made a Smooth Stone Slab.
  • These slabs are super handy because they only take up half the space of regular blocks, making them perfect for cool designs like stairs.

How to Make Smooth Stone Slab Stairs

Step-by-Step Staircase

  • First, place any regular block on the ground.
  • Put a Smooth Stone Slab on top of that block.
  • Next, place another Slab on the ground right next to the first regular block.
  • Now, break the initial regular block you placed. This will start forming the base of your stairs.
  • Keep adding more Slabs, building them up step by step to create your staircase.

🌟 Note: Although your stairs will look awesome, you’ll still need to jump up each step as you go. But hey, they sure do look stylish!


🌟 Unlock Your Crafting Skills Congratulations on learning how to craft Smooth Stone, Slabs, and a Blast Furnace in Minecraft! With these new skills, you’re well on your way to becoming a Minecraft crafting expert. Whether you’re building efficient furnaces or creating stylish staircases, these tips will help elevate your gameplay.

🛠 Keep Experimenting Remember, the world of Minecraft is all about creativity and experimentation. The techniques you’ve learned here are just the beginning. Try different combinations and layouts to discover even more ways to use your crafting skills.

🎮 Explore and Enjoy Most importantly, have fun! Minecraft is a game that rewards curiosity and ingenuity. So, keep exploring, keep building, and keep crafting. Who knows what amazing creations you’ll come up with next?

Happy crafting, and see you in the game! 😊


What do I need to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

You’ll need a Crafting Table, Cobblestones to make a furnace, and a fuel source like Coal or Wood. You need 8 Cobblestones for the furnace and 1 Cobblestone for each Smooth Stone.

How do I craft a Blast Furnace, and why is it useful?

To craft a Blast Furnace, place 5 Iron Ingots, 1 regular Furnace, and 3 Smooth Stones in the Crafting Table as described in the guide. A Blast Furnace is useful because it smelts items twice as fast as a regular furnace, saving you time and fuel.

What can I build with Smooth Stone Slabs in Minecraft?

Smooth Stone Slabs are ideal for creating stylish building elements like stairs, floors, and decorative touches. They take up half the space of regular blocks, allowing for more intricate designs.

How do I make stairs using Smooth Stone Slabs?

Place any block, add a Smooth Stone Slab on top, then another slab next to the block at ground level. Remove the initial block and continue stacking slabs to create a staircase. Remember, you’ll still need to jump to ascend these stairs.

Can Smooth Stone only be used for crafting and building?

While Smooth Stone is primarily used for crafting items like the Blast Furnace and building structures, it’s also a key component in creating more complex constructions like staircases and decorative elements in Minecraft.

What are some tips for efficient Minecraft crafting?

Always have a well-organized Crafting Table and plenty of raw materials. Experiment with different crafting recipes and setups to find the most efficient ways to use resources, especially when creating items that require multiple steps, like Smooth Stone or a Blast Furnace.

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